Sharon Marshall’s Real Name: Was It Suzanne Marie Sevakis or Tonya Hughes? Brother, Father, Parents, Siblings & More!

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Sharon Marshall’s Real Name: Was It Suzanne Marie Sevakis or Tonya Hughes? Brother, Father, Parents, Siblings & More!

Many viewers wonder about Sharon Marshall’s real name, from Netflix’s Girl in the Picture, who was known by different names throughout her life, including Tonya Hughes and Tonya Tadlock. However, her real name was Suzanne Marie Sevakis. Sharon was kidnapped by Franklin Delano Floyd who initially raised her as a father but later married her and became her husband. Follow the article to know the full story of Sharon Marshall, including her brother, other siblings, and parents.

The horrific true crime documentaries that Netflix has produced lately have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. True crime documentaries on Netflix have developed quite a reputation, and the most recent release, Girl In The Picture, is likely to have us on the edge of our seats.

The documentary, which was released on July 6th, tells the ridiculous and horrifying story of Sharon Marshall, whose stepfather Franklin Delano Floyd kidnapped her when she was a young child. Before taking Sharon’s son, Michael, Floyd married the woman he had raised as his daughter and treated her with cruelty and assault.

Sharon Marshall was found dead on the side of the road in Oklahoma City in April 1990 after what seemed to be a hit-and-run. As seen again in the Skye Borgman-directed documentary, Marshall and Floyd each adopted different names over time. If you wonder about the real name of Sharon Marshall, we’ve got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Suzanne’s children and Megan Dufresne’s biological father.

What Was Sharon Marshall’s Real Name? Was It Suzanne Marie Sevakis or Tonya Hughes? Know More About Her Brother, Father, Parents & Other Siblings!

Later in the documentary, we come to know that Sharon Marie Marshall was born on September 9, 1969, as (real name) Suzanne Marie Sevakis to a woman named Sandi Chipman. She also had three other siblings. Franklin Delano Floyd, who at the time used the fake name Brandon Williams, got married to Chipman.  Floyd used the time during Chipman’s 1975 30-day prison sentence to kidnap all of her children and escape.

Since Floyd was one of their parents and was therefore allowed to take the children, the police reportedly declined to take any action. Later, Chipman discovered that her only son Phillip (Sharon’s brother) and daughter Suzanne were still missing, while two of her children had been put into foster care.

For a long time, no one knew where Phillip was, but Floyd had taken Suzanne with him. Floyd gave her the new name Sharon Marshall, raised her as his child, and enrolled her in a school in Oklahoma City using the fake identity where the reportedly brilliant student flourished.

The popular and smart Sharon was awarded a scholarship to Georgia Tech University to study aerospace engineering, but Floyd prevented her from pursuing her goals after she became pregnant.

Later, Floyd married the woman he had raised as his daughter and lived with her in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she worked as a stripper and raised her son Michael. She was also given a new name, Tonya Tadlock, and later Tonya Hughes, there.  Floyd had tortured Sharon during her growing years.

Sharon Marshall was discovered dead in 1990, almost four years after Floyd and Sharon got married, in what was likely a hit-and-run accident. Sharon had left the house to go shopping for baby supplies for her two-year-old son Michael, who Floyd later kidnapped from his school under gunpoint.

Although her stepdad-turned-husband, Franklin, has never admitted to killing Sharon, authorities believe she tried to escape away from him with a college student named Kevin Brown.

However, he did confess to the FBI that the day he kidnapped Sharon’s son from his school and killed him (Michael) by shooting him in the head. He claimed to have buried the boy’s remains on Interstate 35, but nothing was ever discovered. Police suspect that wild hogs may have eaten his remains.

Before Sharon’s real name was made public in 2014, more than 20 years after she passed away, her death remained under secrecy for many years.

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