Suzanne Sevakis’ Children: Know About Her First Pregnancy & Third Child; Was Franklin Delano Floyd the Father of Michael Hughes? Where Is Megan Dufresne Now?

Bikram Karki

Suzanne Sevakis’ Children: Know About Her First Pregnancy & Third Child; Was Franklin Delano Floyd the Father of Michael Hughes? Where Is Megan Dufresne Now?

Suzanne Sevakis, from Netflix’s Girl in the Picture, became pregnant 3 times in her life. However, no information has been revealed about her first pregnancy and first child. Her second child, Michael Hughes used to live with Suzanne and Franklin Delano Floyd despite the fact that he was not his father. Suzanne’s third child was a daughter named Megan Dufresne who also appears in the show. Follow the article to know about Suzanne Sevakis’ children in detail.

The real crime films on Netflix can sometimes be frightening, and the most recent in the category, Girl in the Picture, has particularly touched a raw spot with viewers who have described the story as horrifying and horrible.

The documentary tells the tragic story of Tonya Hughes, a young woman who was discovered dead by the side of the road in Oklahoma City in 1990. Tonya Hughes’s real name was actually Suzanne Sevakis, the subject of two books by investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck, A Beautiful Child and its sequel Finding Sharon. Her younger child Michael Hughes disappeared as he was kidnapped.

Eventually, a man named Clarence (real name: Franklin Delano Floyd) who later claimed to be her husband recognized her body. However, it soon became clear that this was just the start of a perplexing and unsettling crime. Apart from Suzanne Sevakis’ horrifying story, many fans have been curious to know about her children. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Suzanne Sevakis’ 3 Children: First Pregnancy, Third Child, Michael Hughes & Megan Dufresne; Was Franklin Delano Floyd the Father of Any of Her Children?

Talking about Suzanne Sevakis‘ children, she was pregnant three times in her lifetime. According to the Netflix documentary, nothing has been disclosed about her first pregnancy and there is no trace of Suzanne’s first child. We’re even unaware if she had a son or a daughter as her first child. However, we do know about her second child, Michael Hughes, and her third child, Megan Dufresne.

Franklin Delano Floyd was not related to Michael. In reality, Suzanne’s lover was his father. Although the boyfriend isn’t mentioned in the documentary, legal records from the prosecution’s case against Floyd suggest that a man by the name of Gregory Higgs might be Michael’s father.

According to the records, Suzanne Sevakis was dating Higgs at the time of her pregnancy. She didn’t initially inform Higgs though. After that, she and Floyd moved to Tampa, where she gave birth to Michael in April 1988. The court records state that Floyd asked Higgs if he wanted to raise Michael after Suzanne passed away. Floyd promised to deliver Michael to Higgs within a month after Higgs said yes, but he never did.

According to some reports, Michael was placed in foster care with Ernest and Merle Bean‘s family when Suzanne passed away. When Floyd kidnapped Michael from his elementary school, the family was in the middle of the adoption procedure.

Floyd confessed to killing Michael after kidnapping him decades later. FBI agent Scott Lobb said,

“Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience. He turned and looked at me and said, ‘I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.’”

The last child that Suzanne Sevakis had, Megan Dufresne, was reportedly a daughter. Mary and Dean Dufresne adopted Megan when she was placed for adoption. According to the source, Megan found out about her mother after a book about the mystery of Sharon Marshall was released, and Megan eventually was featured in the documentary as well.

She gave one of her two children the name Michael in honor of her brother. According to The Independent, Suzanne Sevakis gave birth to Megan and placed her for adoption in 1989. Suzanne was residing in New Orleans with Floyd at the time. However, they were now known as Tonya and Clarence Hughes after changing their names.

Dufresne currently lives in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, and she works as a research coordinator at Covington Ortho and Sports Med Clinic. In the documentary, she claims that she is still thinking about what her mother went through. She explained,

“No girl should have to go through that. From a stranger, much less somebody’s that’s supposed to be her father, father figure, whatever the hell he was.”

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