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Shlomo Hendler Haart

Jul 17, 2021 @ 13:20 EDT
Shlomo Hendler Haart | My Unorthodox Life, Age, Birthday, LinkedIn, Columbia, Law School, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Shlomo Hendler Haart from My Unorthodox Life did not appear to mind his mother's separation from Yeshivishe Heimishe as much as Julia's other kids, although he did question certain orthodox rituals.

As a result, Shlomo too left Monsey, New York, and gradually began to seek a way to be a pious Jew while remaining a part of modern society.

He found himself distancing from beliefs such as dating being saved for matrimony and women having limits. In other words, Shlomo still embraces Shabbat and adheres to the regulations, but he is evolving as he learns more.

My Unorthodox Life Cast on Netflix

Shlomo Hendler stars in the Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life alongside his mother Julia Haart, and siblings Batsheva, Aron, and Miriam Haart, as well as Julia's right-hand man Robert Brotherton, and Bat's husband Ben Weinstein.

Learn about the filming locations of My Unorthodox Life. Fans wonder if this show is scripted or genuine.

Age, Birthday - How Old is Shlomo Haart?

Shlomo Hendler Haart is currently 25 years old. He was born on 12th November 1995.

Father, Yosef Hendler

Shlomo Hendler Haart's biological father is Yosef Hendler. Prior to their divorce, Julia and Yosef got married when the former was 19.


Check out Shlomo Hendler Haart's LinkedIn profile here!


Shlomo went to Columbia University in the city of New York.

Law School

Shlomo Hendler Haart is a Columbia graduate, currently making his way to law school.


Shlomo Hendler Haart is pretty active on Instagram to his 2.9k followers.

Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend

Shlomo Hendler Haart does not appear to be dating a girlfriend at the moment. In an unlikely scenario, he might be keeping his relationship endeavors secret.

However, the Netflix star openly admitted he's still a virgin. "In the world I'm from, dating is meant for marriage," he claims.

Net Worth

Shlomo Hendler's net worth is currently under review.

Parents, Family, Siblings

Shlomo's family includes his mother Julia Haart, brother Aron Hendler Haart, sisters Batsheva and Miriam Haart, as well as his divorced father Yosef Hendler.

Shlomo's mother Julia is currently married to his stepfather Silvio Scaglia. He often shares his family pictures on Instagram.

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