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Ben Weinstein from My Unorthodox Life on Netflix is best recognized as the husband of Batsheva Haart, the eldest daughter of Julia Haart.

They’ve been married for almost a decade, and throughout the show, they deal with the restrictions that come with being Jewish and having an affinity with modern society.

Binyamin Weinstein

Ben Weinstein’s full name is Binyamin Weinstein. However, he is better known as “Ben” for short.

My Unorthodox Life on Netflix

Ben Weinstein is a cast on Netflix‘s My Unorthodox Life. The rest of the cast includes Robert BrothertonJulia HaartBatsheva HaartYosef Hendler (occasionally), Miriam HaartAron Hendler Haart, and Shlomo Hendler Haart.

Learn the Netflix show’s filming locations as well as whether or not My Unorthodox Life is scripted.

Batsheva Haart, Married, Wedding

When Batsheva Haart and Ben Weinstein were adolescents, they began a relationship. As a result, they were constantly pursuing their parents to allow them to marry in order to build a “normal” relationship and lifestyle.

After all, they were still in conventional civilization, therefore Bat and Ben had to be married in order to date and get intimate.

As a result, the pair married when Bat was 19 years old, and Julia Haart left the orthodox life a few days afterward.

Although Batsheva did not communicate with her mother in the years that followed, Ben kept the lines of communication open for his wife.

Parents, Family

Ben Weinstein was born in Monsey, New York to unidentified parents. Furthermore, as of this posting, he has not provided any details about his father and mother.

The other notable family members of Ben include Jay Weinstein, Wendy Weinstein Darrow, Avi Weinstein, and Bonnye Weinstein Garman.

Real Estate, New York

Ben is still a certified real estate agent in New York City, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Curiously, he worked as an Operations Coordinator for his mother-in-law, Julia Haart‘s firm for a few months.

Net Worth

Ben Weinstein’s net worth is estimated at $600,000.


Ben Weinstein is pretty active on Instagram to his 6.2k followers.

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