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Batsheva Haart

Jul 11, 2021 @ 20:47 EDT
Batsheva Haart | My Unorthodox Life, Netflix, Mom, Julia Haart, Parents, Father, Husband, Family

Batsheva Haart, the newest reality star on Netflix's My Unorthodox Life, creates fashion, lifestyle, and aesthetic content.

She rose to prominence after uploading short clips on her official TikTok account. Her success on the platform has resulted in over 1.3 million followers.

My Unorthodox Life on Netflix

Batsheva Haart stars in the Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life alongside her mother Julia Haart as well as Julia's right-hand man Robert Brotherton. It premieres on 14th July 2021.

Check out when and where the show was filmed here!

Mom, Julia Haart, Talia Leibov

Batsheva Haart's mom is the Co-Owner and Group CEO of Elite World Group, Julia Haart, born Talia Leibov.

Yosef Hendler, Parents, Father

Batsheva Haart's father is Yosef Hendler. Her parents married when her mother, Julia, was 19.

As per Batsheva on her TikTok, her father is recently engaged.

Miriam Haart, Siblings

Batsheva Haart shares fashion, lifestyle advice, and amusing videos with her sister, Miriam Haart on TikTok. Her other siblings are Shlomo Haart and Aron Hendler.

Ben Weinstein, Husband, Marriage

Batsheva is married to her husband Ben Weinstein. They have a lovely two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York, which is well-furnished.

The couple features on Netflix's My Unorthodox Life. Is this show real or fake?


As the daughter of a successful fashion designer and as a rather busy lady, Batsheva treats herself to a holiday with her family on a regular basis.

Batsheva's family includes husband Ben Weinstein, mother Julia Haart, and siblings Miriam, Shlomo, and Aron Hendler Haart.

In addition, her biological father is Yosef Hendler while he stepfather is Italian business tycoon Silvio Scaglia.

TikTok, Instagram

Batsheva Haart is well-known on TikTok for her clothing and lifestyle content. She is causing a stir in the press with her unique fashion advice and methods, as well as a glimpse inside her American lifestyle.

Likewise, Batsheva is quite active on Instagram to her 83.8k followers. She's made 1,378 posts so far.


Batsheva was born on 27th February 1993. She is currently 28 years old.

Net Worth

Batsheva's net worth is currently under review.

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