Shaina Love is Blind Meme: Reddit & Twitter is Filled with Season 2 Memes!

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Shaina Love is Blind Meme: Reddit & Twitter is Filled with Season 2 Memes!

Shaina Hurley from Love is Blind Season 2 has been surrounded by meme creators, and Reddit and Twitter are filling up with Shaina’s memes. So, let’s get to know why are people targeting Shaina and making her the meme material.

The American reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 ended with a bang, alluring many spectators into binge-watching the Netflix show.

Basically, the show is about forming love connections, and to be specific, this show acts as a cupid or let’s say a wingman to 30 single participants in finding their ideal partner.

Although love doesn’t randomly knock at the door and somehow, it’s related to the person’s fate too, twelve people made it to getting engaged on the show.

With a total of ten episodes, Love is Blind Season 2 was teeming with exhilaration, anticipation, drama, jealousy, and the unconditional love between the pairs. Some enjoyed quality time with their partners while others had to let go of their love and settle with the second option.

Shaina Hurley did find her love in Love is Blind Season 2, however, the universe didn’t favor her, and thus, her Romeo ended up finding his Juliet, leading Shaina to pair up with another guy.

This love triangle created by Shaina added flavor to the show, and people started trolling her and making different memes (squinting included) for the situation that she had created on the show.

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Shaina Hurley from Love is Blind Season 2: Meme from Reddit and Twitter

Premiering on 18th February 2022, Netflix’s pre-eminent reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 expunged everyone’s long await, and fulfilling everyone’s anticipation, the show became one of the best hits.

The show revolves around talking in the pods without knowing how they looked physically, going for a physical date, deciding whom to get engaged with, and eventually, going to Mexico for their retreat.

Shaina Hurley (@shaina.hurley) is one of the participants from Love is Blind Season 2. She has been catching the center of heed since the first episode when Natalie and Shayne were talking in the pods, and then, Shayne mistook Natalie as Shaina and referred to her as Shaina.

This created a lot of controversies back then and created perplexity to the audience as well as Natalie. Both of these women had started to develop extreme feelings towards Shayne, and on the other hand, Shayne couldn’t decide whom to pair up with.

Eschewing Shaina, he chose Natalie, but that didn’t stop Shaina’s feelings towards Shayne. Although Shayne (@shaynejansen) and Natalie paired up, Shaina couldn’t let go of what she had felt for him.

Thus, this somehow villainized her in their relationship, and she acted as that extra point between their love connection. Therefore, people took this as an advantage, and using their creativity, they changed the whole situation into hilarious meme content.

“Shaina trying to cast herself as the main character in Shane & Natalie’s relationship is insane” .. “it’s Shaina’s parents asking kyle if he loved “being American” that gave me all I needed to know about that family. next case,” – contents like these are flooding both Twitter and Reddit.

Not only did people target her and made her the meme material for creating a love triangle between Natalie and Shayne but she was also trolled for how her mom and she flooded a plethora of questions on Kyle, just because he was atheist.

What Happened Between Shaina and Kyle?

At the beginning of Love is Blind Season 2, Shaina was too engrossed in talking to Shayne. However, after he decided to pair up with Natalie, Shaina had no one but Kyle to partner up with.

Seems like more than liking Kyle, Shaina randomly paired up because she had no partner around. While they both made to getting engaged on the show, their so-called relationship didn’t go any further when Shaina and her mom were being too racist towards Kyle and were asking too many questions just because he was an atheist.

This downgraded Shaina’s reputation, and she received more hatred from the audience.

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