Love is Blind: Shaina Squinting Meme Concerns Season 2 Viewers!

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Love is Blind: Shaina Squinting Meme Concerns Season 2 Viewers!

Shaina Hurley was often seen squinting her eyes while she was in Love is Blind Season 2. Some fans were concerned about her and wanted to know if “Shayna” had an eye problem while others couldn’t help but create memes about Shaina’s squinting eyes.

Claiming it as a social experiment, the Netflix production team brought an exclusive reality dating show, Love is Blind Season 2 where the participants try their match and fall in love.

However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds because the love solely depends on the talking stage, where the contestants are supposed to talk to each other in the pods without even meeting each other.

The show had  30 people who joined the show with the sole purpose of finding their love. Shaina Hurley, previously the subject of meme and racist allegations, is one of those contestants on the show who received immense hate from almost all the audience.

It all started when she came in between Shayne and Natalie, and since there were many people who shipped Natalie with Shayne, they didn’t like Shaina’s interference.

As Shaina was like the villain in the show, people noticed even the smallest moves of her, and thus, noticed how she squinted most of the time. What’s the reason behind her squinting? Does Shaina have an eye problem?

Shaina from Love is Blind Season 2: Why was She Squinting So Much?

Love is Blind Season 2 premiered on 1st March 2022 with a total of ten episodes, and we got to see new connections formed on the show itself.

Although there were thirty contestants on the show, not all of them were fortunate enough to hunt for their ideal partners, and only six couples made it to getting engaged, and even from there, only two couples shared their wedding vows on the show.

Shaina Hurley, the 31-year-old hairstylist is originally from Chicago and made her presence in Love is Blind to find her prince charming. She was almost done with her search but the word almost is never enough, and the guy she had a crush on, Shayne, did reciprocate the same amount of energy while they were talking in the pods, however, upon their meeting, he ditched her and chose Natalie.

Since then, Shaina has tried her best to interfere with their relationship. Thus, that brought her negative exposure, and the audience started despising her.

Shaina has always been questioned on squinting her eyes every now and then. Clearing out everyone’s doubt, she posted an Instagram clip where she explained the real reason.

She said, “I wear contacts, OK?. I’ve been squinting ever since I can remember. I’m always getting yelled at, like, ‘Stop squinting! You’re going to get wrinkles.’ That’s why I probably have wrinkles.” She added, “Every time I go to the eye doctor, they tell me that I don’t have an astigmatism, and I’m like, ‘I think I have astigmatism, or my eyes are getting worse.’ And my contacts have been the same. I’m like a -5.25. I am blind, basically, but, love is blind”

Some people created memes targeting Shaina squinting her eyes, however, everything isn’t a joke, and making memes for her serious eye problem doesn’t appear to be hilarious.

While she has been struggling with her eyes, people laughing at her squinting memes would definitely hurt her deeply.

Who is Shaina Dating Now?

When Shaina was in Love is Blind Season 2, she caught feelings towards Shayne but since he ditched her, she went with Kyle, making him seem like an option rather than liking him. Shaina and Kyle’s relationship was just confined to being in the show, and as soon as the shoot ended, Shaina completely cut her ties off him.

In one of the interviews, Kyle revealed that he had tried reaching out to Shaina but as she didn’t respond to him, he eventually stopped and moved on. Presently, Shaina seems to be single and has been living her life to the fullest.

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