Love Is Blind: Shaina Hurley’s Plastic Surgery; Eyes, Face & Lip Filler Examined!

Allan Ivanov

Love Is Blind: Shaina Hurley's Plastic Surgery; Eyes, Face & Lip Filler Examined!

Rumors are circulating about Love Is Blind alum Shaina Hurley’s plastic surgery, concerning her eyes, face, and the alleged lip filler. Reddit users claim that she has a distinct face and a set of lips when compared to the photos on her Instagram account. Although the 33-year-old star has never acknowledged getting plastic surgery, Shaina from Love Is Blind has been the subject of memes from some social media users. They did more than just see it; they also wondered what was causing the squint.

The Netflix original dating reality TV series Love Is Blind has an intriguing structure and can be compared to how dating in the modern world has grown heavily reliant on social media. The show follows 12 men and 12 women as they engage with one another over ten days while remaining anonymous to one another. Following this initial period, people try to establish a relationship with the person of their choice and announce their decisions to the public.

The possibility of falling in love is always exciting and has limitless potential, for better or for worse. On reality television, falling in love is much more exciting. That is what the Netflix series aims to demonstrate as it introduces us to couples who connect before asking them to co-plan their marriages.

Many young individuals are accepted so they can meet potential companions and, ideally, discover genuine love. Before embarking on longer dates with the people they click with the most, the participants first go on speed-dating rounds with their potential mates. The dates take place in specially designed pods that block contestants’ views of the other participants they are speaking with.

Even though the Love Is Blind reunion episode from Season 2 has been accessible on Netflix for some time, viewers now get a second chance to catch up with the couples from the show. In the Love Is Blind Season 2 conclusion, only two couples were wed, but the most recent After the Altar special reunites fans with the majority of the group and provides insight into their lives after the reality show.

Apart from the plot of the drama, the cast members have drawn a lot of curiosity from viewers. Shaina Hurley was a member of the cast of the program, and now she is becoming more well-known after the Love Is Blind season 2 reunion as a result of plastic surgery rumors. Here are all the specifics as a result.

Shaina Love Is Blind Plastic Surgery: Reddit Users Claim That Shaina Has a Distinct Face and a Set of Lips and Has Also Been the Subject of Memes; However, She Has Never Acknowledged Getting Plastic Surgery!

Shaina Hurley (@shaina.hurley) is rumored to have had plastic surgery looking at her face and lips as they look different. If you look at pictures of the Love Is Blind star Shaina before and after on Instagram, you can see a huge change between her first public appearance and her most recent one.

Celebrities don’t mind getting cut with a knife because the outcome will be better for them in the long term. Many Reddit users also believe that Shaina Hurley had work done on her lips. While some of them have accepted it, others constantly tease her for obtaining cosmetic surgery.

The six couples from Love Is Blind met onstage for the season 2 cast reunion and took (occasionally tense) strolls down memory lane. Shaina is still making that eye squint. Shake is still defending her aesthetic tastes. When she first came into the public spotlight, one of the things that people always wanted to know about her was her plastic surgery.

For proof, though, just take a look at the numerous memes that emerged following the reunion. Its many frightening moments caused Shaina to merely narrow her eyes in response. Some social media users did more than just see it; they also wondered what was causing the squint.

Some others surmised that Shaina required an eye exam. Love isn’t blind, but Hurley was the meme that the official Netflix Instagram posted, making light of both Shaina’s potential myopia and Shake’s suggested change to the show’s title. We anticipated a lot of Twitter comments after seeing the tense, drama-filled reunion, but we weren’t prepared for the one centered on Shaina’s squint when speaking with Shayne. She said,

I have contact, okay? I am about a -5.25. In essence, I am blind, but love is blind. Every time I see the eye doctor, they tell me that I don’t have astigmatism, and I’m like, ‘I think I have astigmatism or my eyes are getting worse.’

Shaina sent a letter, even including her medication. She claims that her prescription remains the same. She explains that her distinctive squint is merely a facial expression. She said;

Since I can remember, my eyes have always been strained. I frequently hear commands like, Stop glaring! You will develop wrinkles. I most likely have wrinkles as a result.

Since there has been speculation that the 33-year-old has undergone surgery, she has been the target of this type of trolling. Even when many are persuaded that she has had nips and tucks, she has never admitted to having them.

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