Jason Genao’s Disability & Medical Condition: What’s Wrong with His Eye Bags? Is the Actor Sick?

Natalia Romanova

Jason Genao's Disability & Medical Condition: What's Wrong with His Eye Bags? Is the Actor Sick?

Fans wonder about Jason Genao’s disability and medical condition. Many perceive his eye bags to be far from normal. Is Jason Genao sick? How is he now in 2021? Let’s find out.

Any avid lover of Netflix‘s On My Block will recognize Jason Genao‘s effervescent Ruby Martinez. In addition to OMB, the 22-year-old has been in the X-Men film Logan plus another Netflix original, The Get Down.

Recently, however, many fans are concerned about his health. Is Jason Genao sick? What’s up with his eyebags? Without further ado, let’s find out.

Jason Genao’s Eyes: What’s Up With His Eye Bags?

Jason Genao was involved in a small car accident a few years back. In an interview with Hollywire, he stated that he was traveling in his car with his buddies as they planned to play football. Genao and his pals, rather recklessly, failed to wear their seatbelts.

They were on the freeway in Los Angeles at the time. Suddenly, a car on the adjacent side of the road lost all control and was speeding towards them.

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Regrettably, Jason and his buddies were involved in a collision on the highway with an erratic vehicle. After the automobile collided with the front tire, their car rolled up numerous times.

It was a really traumatic experience for them. Following the vehicle collision, Jason and his friends suffered minor injuries. Meanwhile, the On My Block star’s eyes were numb and his eyesight was fuzzy.

Is Jason Genao Sick? Fans Wonder About the Actor’s Disability & Medical Condition!

Jason Genao – whose mom passed away in 2021 – has had a medical issue known as Eye Bags since he was a toddler. Under his eyes, he has minor edema and heaviness. Because his muscles no longer supported his eyelids, the delicate tissues around his eyes began to deteriorate.

There is also typical fat in Genao’s eyes, which aids in his vision. Nonetheless, his lower eyelids look puffy when he moves his head. Congestion and inflammatory allergies were to blame for Jason’s eye bags.

His vision becomes distorted as a result. Similarly, various medical problems, such as thyroid, can cause eye swelling. It’s also a genetic condition that runs in his family.

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