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Gustavo Taby Falcon

Aug 5, 2021 @ 15:50 EDT
Gustavo Taby Falcon | Cocaine Cowboys, Miami, Today, Wife, Gina Rosello, Net Worth, Sentence, Wikipedia

Gustavo Taby Falcon Wiki/Bio

Gustavo "Taby" Falcon was practically Augusto "Willy" Falcon and Salvador "Sal" Magluta cocaine cartel's right-hand man.

He did everything, from keeping trade ledgers to arranging storage for their goods, from collecting millions in revenues from allies to actually organizing the drug shipments.

In fact, because they generated between $50,000 and $200,000 in cash virtually every day, Taby was in charge of outsourcing a large portion of the finances and work.

One example is when he dispatched his brother-in-law, Pedro "Peggy" Rosello (wife Alexia Echevarria), to California to open a store in Los Angeles, which was not as profitable as they had intended.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is the latest six-part Netflix original mini-series that digs into the lives, crimes, and arrests of Salvador Sal Magluta and Augusto Willy Falcon (wife Alina Rossique Falcon), two buddies who climbed from high school dropouts to drug barons in a matter of years.

As it turns out, investigators said in 1991 that their group (including Jorge Valdes and Justo Jay) had amassed over $2 billion in cash and possessions by transporting at least 75 tons of cocaine. Willy's brother, Gustavo "Taby" Falcon, just vanished to avoid the ensuing prosecution.


Although all prior reports indicated that Gustavo Taby Falcon was no longer on American soil, US Marshals apprehended him for good in April 2017 near Orlando, Florida.

He'd been living in a middle-class house in the Kissimmee suburbs, not far from Disney World, where he seemed to be a conventional parent and husband with an ordinary profession.

Gustavo Taby Falcon had been using the alias Luis Reiss for the past 26 years. Thus, the authorities only discovered him after investigating a 2013 automobile accident involving “Luis,” which led them to the pretty renowned Falcon family mansion in South Florida.

Wife, Gina Rosello

Detectives discovered in 1991 that their squad had already gained more than $2 billion by trafficking 75+ tons of cocaine. Willy's brother, Gustavo Taby Falcon, and his wife, Gina Rosello, along with their children, fled after hearing the subsequent conviction.

Gina Rosello and Gustavo Taby Falcon had been friends since they were kids. They could always be spotted together, flirting and hanging out, starting around the age of 14/15. As a result, it was no shock when they decided to marry soon after turning legal adults.

Their relationship appeared nearly ideal, and they proved it over and again. Gina quickly gave birth to their kids and backed her husband in every manner he needed while comprehending the complexities of his job. She also protected her family by forewarning them about potential dangers.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Taby Falcon didn't want his children to grow up without a father, and he was afraid his wife would abandon him.

Net Worth

Gustavo Taby Falcon's net worth was believed to be in millions of dollars.


Gustavo Taby Falcon was caught while on a bike ride with his wife, so his mishap caught many people off guard. However, he seems relieved to be done with it, as he stated in court he's not proud to be on the run for a quarter of a century.

That is not the way of living. For 26 years, he claimed to have suffered for it every day. Taby eventually pled guilty to counts of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine on February 1, 2018. He was sentenced to 135 months in prison for this crime.

Gustavo Taby Falcon is now 60 years old and detained at the FCI Jesup Facility, where he is likely to remain until November 2026.


Gustavo Taby Falcon does not have an official Wikipedia page.

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