Thomas from Hype House Net Worth: Thomas Petrou’s House, Cars & Company Explored!

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Thomas from Hype House Net Worth: Thomas Petrou's House, Cars & Company Explored!

Thomas Petrou, the co-founder of Hype House and owner of a coffee company, makes a hefty net worth of $2 million. He owns expensive cars and houses. From TikTok to YouTube, Thomas from Hype House is ubiquitous. Learn the details of his net worth.

Co-founder of the Hype House, a villa based in Los Angeles, California, Thomas Petrou somewhat contributed to bringing Netflix‘s new American reality show, Hype House.

Basically, this particular reality show is out of the box, and more than providing platforms to new people, this show will be featuring the lives of eminent social media influencers.

Being a famous influencer, Thomas Petrou is also one of the cast members on the show. His presence in Hype House will quintessentially add flavors, and attract a plethora of spectators to the show.

More than any of his personal information, a majority of people are curious about how Thomas is extremely wealthy at a very young age. Questions regarding his net worth, assets, cars, and house have surrounded him. Do you know his source of income and his annual worth?

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Hype House: Thomas Petrou’s $2 Million Net Worth; House, Cars & Company!

Born on 2nd September 1998 in Los Angeles, California, 23-year-old Thomas Petrou is an immensely popular American social media personality and entrepreneur.

Commencing his professional career in 2013 with the start of his vine accounts, Thomas, slowly and steadily, started involving himself in these content-creating fields.

Officially, adding lucrative to his professional life, Petrou switched from vine to Youtube, and thus, myriads of people started hovering around his account. Having millions of subscribers and views on his YouTube videos, the Hype House cast, Thomas Petrou makes more of his earnings from this platform.

Conversely, his money-making isn’t just confined to YouTube, rather being a social media influencer, Instagram pays him well too.

While his whole career is revolving around social media platforms, with the purpose of bringing a change to his career, Thomas Petrou opened up his own company, Smack’d Coffee, a company that is directly linked to coffee and other beverages.

Apart from all these, he has been making money from Netflix too, firstly from his cast on the reality show, Hype House, and the other from, renting his villa for the shoot.

Summing up his money from his rental assets, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, coffee company, it has been estimated that Petrou’s net worth is around $2 million.

Thomas Petrou’s Relationship Updates

Dating Mia Hayward, an eminent YouTuber & social media influencer, Thomas Petrou‘s love life was going with the flow. Moreover, stalking his Instagram account, it can be found that the Hype House cast, Petrou posted a series of photos with his love bird in February 2021.

Cuddling each other and spending quality time, the photo divulged a lot about their relationship. Also, in one of the photos, a shiny beautiful ring was quite visible, thus, his fans were perplexed about his relationship status.

While people were baffled if the pair were engaged, astonishing everyone, Thomas Petrou and Mia Hayward individually talked about their split in their respective YouTube channels. Although the couple didn’t reveal the exact reason for parting ways, they simply left in a cliffhanger telling that it was time that they had to move on.

Still today, a curiosity is emerging around them as they literally ended their five years relationship in the blink of an eye.

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