Steven Rinella’s Net Worth Stands at $4 Million in 2021

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Steven Rinella's Net Worth Stands at $4 Million in 2021

MeatEater host Steven Rinella’s net worth is estimated at $4 million in 2021. Facts about Steven Rinella’s house and how much he makes per episode on MeatEater.

You’ve probably heard of Steven Rinella if you’re an active hunter or fisherman, or if you love watching others do it on TV. The adventurer is the centerpiece of the MeatEater series on Netflix, which follows him on his numerous journeys.

The reality program aired on the Sportsman Channel for six seasons before moving to Netflix to launch fresh episodes.

Others may recognize Steven from his numerous appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, a famed podcast. Joe Rogan has previously gone on hunting expeditions with Steven on the program, which has resulted in some amusing television.

Rinella has various other lucrative endeavors to boost his net worth while he is not appearing in the hit Netflix series.

Steven Rinella Accumulates an Impressive Net Worth from His Ventures

Steven Rinella, who has been a part of MeatEater for nine seasons, also presents The MeatEater Podcast. The show is frequently ranked high on the sports podcast ratings.

Steven has published six books since 2006, the latest of which (The Meateater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival) launched in 2020.

Before his famed show aired in 2012, Steven used to have a Travel Channel show called The Wild Within. It lasted a total of eight episodes. So, how much exactly is Rinella’s net worth?

Steven Rinella’s Net Worth in 2021 is $4 Million

Steven Rinella runs MeatEater Inc., which employs roughly 30 people, in addition to his presenting and TV activities. He has over 874,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The 47-year-net old’s worth is estimated at $4 million in 2021. If his program continues to air, his YouTube platform expands, and his podcast keeps gaining popularity, his fortune will only grow.

As for the location of his house, Steven Rinella currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife Catherine Finch and three kids.

Many fans are also curious to learn how much money Steven Rinella makes from each episode of MeatEater on Netflix; however, there are no concrete details at the moment.

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