Kristine Fischer Features on MeatEater’s Official Fishing Series Das Boat

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Kristine Fischer Features on Meateater's Official Fishing Series Das Boat

Kristine Fischer stars on an episode of the fishing series Das Boat from MeatEater. The angler literally lives on the road, fishing tournaments all over the country.

Hailing from Weeping Waters, Nebraska, Kristine Fischer has been fishing for 25+ years while the focus has shifted to serious musky fishing for the last 8 years. She is a self-employed, contributing writer, Pilates instructor, kayak fishing guide, and tournament angler.

Fischer enjoys all types of fishing, spring turkey bow hunting, antelope hunting, backpacking, climbing, travel, kayaking, camping, and ice climbing. Almost anything outdoors!

Being a well-rounded fisherman, her fishing strength comprises a variety of bodies of water and leveraging previous experiences and fresh knowledge to rapidly figure out the bite.

Her tournament success includes 2nd kayaker on ice tourney 2018, 2nd road runner tourney 2017, 3rd spooky bass, 5th KBF summit 2017, and 7th overall Midwest kayak fishing series.

Kristine Fischer Stars on an Episode of MeatEater’s Das Boat

Kristine Fischer recently took to Instagram to express her delight at featuring on the official fishing series of MeatEater called Das Boat. She made an appearance on the third episode of Season 3 titled Fish the Swamp.

She wrote on Instagram, “Pretty stoked to announce that myself and @chefkevingillespie filmed an episode of Das Boat with @meateater a few months back, and it aired today!! We went to fish the Potomac river for blue cats and snakeheads, both invasive species in that ecosystem.”

The synopsis states Washington, DC is notorious for shady dealings, but not like this. Chef Kevin Gillespie teams up with experienced kayak angler Kristine Fischer to track down exotic blue catfish and the dreaded snakehead in the Potomac River and its adjacent wetlands. They’ll discover how harmful these fish are to the ecosystem, as well as how they taste.

The angler says the fishing was difficult, but the company was fantastic. She considers herself extremely lucky to be able to help highlight kayak fishing to a huge, new audience.

Kristine Fischer is Inspirational and Far from Your Typical Girl

Kristine Fischer was never one to conform to societal norms, even as a child. Growing up in a family free of the confines of television gave her a natural affinity for the outdoors.

Her teenage was spent fishing in the ponds and creeks surrounding her hometown or exploring the forests in my backyard.

For five years, Fischer worked in the hunting and fishing department of a huge retailer, attempting to work my way up the corporate ladder in order to identify with the world’s notion of success.

However, she couldn’t resist her intrinsic, unquenchable urge to live a new style of life, one that traditional society deemed untenable.

In 2015, Kristine Fischer began kayak fishing and started to compete in events across the Midwest to satisfy her competitive spirit while also serving as a sobering ego check. Aside from fishing against some of the top anglers in the area, she loves the true camaraderie among people of like mind.

Being a member of the close-knit kayak angler group has not only given me the opportunity to participate in the community, become a guide with a recognized company, and host youth fishing contests, but it has also given her a voice to motivate others to pursue their passions and spend time outdoors.

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