Pressure Cooker: Are Sergei and Caroline a Real Couple?

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Pressure Cooker: Are Sergei and Caroline a Real Couple?

No, Sergei Nicholas Simonov and Caroline Gutierrez from Netflix’s Pressure Cooker aren’t a couple in real life. The couple just formed a connection as a part of their strategy to survive the game. Matter of fact, Sergei and Caroline are happily in a relationship with their respective partners.

There is no shortage of culinary contests that have a relatively comparable structure and pattern: a number of chefs prepare meals to the best of their skills and present them to the show’s judges, who determine whether or not they move on to the next round. What if we told you that this traditional format has a twist thanks to a food show? In Netflix‘s Pressure Cooker, eleven expert chefs are pitted against one another and forced to share a kitchen while competing in a cooking competition.

Because they are the ones who get to judge each other’s dishes on this show, the chefs must also employ tactical moves, which makes it unique from previous cooking competitions. Therefore, they need to do more than simply prepare delectable meals if they want to win the top cash prize of $100,000.

Since the competition isn’t really up to any other people rather than the participants themselves, they make different strategies to stay safe and eliminate others. Chef Sergei Nicholas Simonov and Caroline Gutierrez team up to play the game. On the other hand, many viewers found their connection real-deep and wonder if they are a couple in real life. Well, let’s find it out.

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Pressure Cooker: No, Sergei and Caroline Aren’t a Couple in Real Life!

Although Sergei Nicholas Simonov (@chefsimonov) and Caroline Gutierrez (@carolinevgutierrez) quickly establish themselves as the show’s dominant couple, resembling a “work husband/work wife” relationship, they are not a couple in real life. Yes, the two chefs established their temporary connection for only the sake of Pressure Cooker and win survive the show.

For both Sergei and Caroline, the Netflix show was not just about cooking but also about coming up with the best social strategies with each other. In fact, Sergei even made it to the semi-final of the show. No doubt, everyone one of us, at least once, thought that they might be a couple in real life. Unfortunately, we now know they aren’t. So, who are their real-life partners?

Well, Sergei is in a happy relationship with a talented Pastry Chef named Joey. He frequently posts pictures of them together on his Instagram. On the other hand, Caroline is happily married to her husband, Matthew Ryder. The cooking duo serves as a Private Chef for C+M and is based in Atlanta and tied the know on January 18, 2020.

Will There Be Season 2 of Pressure Cook?

As of this writing, Pressure Cooker has not been renewed for its second season yet. Netflix considers many factors before renewing a reality show. However, the show may make a quick comeback if it is renewed. Netflix typically releases two seasons of its reality programs each year.

Robbie Jester said in an interview with the Delaware News Journal that he traveled to Los Angeles immediately after learning of his casting in the spring of 2022 for about 3.5 weeks of filming. Pressure Cooker might conceivably return in the middle of 2023 if the brief filming schedule for a hypothetical second season is renewed.

On the other hand, the cast of Pressure Cooker, should it be renewed by Netflix, probably won’t be made public until right before Season 2’s premiere. Every contestant in the first round, who also serves as a judge, has experience in the food industry, from owning a business to working at a restaurant. A few have previously participated in cooking programs, including Jester, a participant who has won a series of Guy’s Grocery Games and Beat Bobby Flay.

Jester provided some background information on the audition process and his experience on the show in an interview with his neighborhood newspaper. The chef from Delaware claimed to have “got wind” of the program two years prior and to have applied in Fall 2021. In order to provide “a social component,” candidates will live together during the tournament, according to the producers’ imprecise description. He explained,

It was completely secret. We didn’t know anybody. We didn’t know we weren’t being judged by celebrity chefs. Every day is a new day and a new set of challenges. They did a really good job of keeping us separated and being secretive. It’s very high-intensity and volatile. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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