Brian Nadeau From Pressure Cooker: Meet the Owner of a Restaurant Named Cucina Rustica in RI (Rhode Island)!

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Brian Nadeau From Pressure Cooker: Meet the Owner of a Restaurant Named Cucina Rustica in RI (Rhode Island)!

Brian Nadeau, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker, is a 41-year-old chef who is the Owner and Executive Chef of Cucina Rustica, an Italian restaurant located at 555 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island (RI). Together with his wife, he runs the business and is happy with where his life is going.

Pressure Cooker on Netflix may be the finest option for enthusiasts of drama and food. Seeing seasoned chefs compete against one another while also having the opportunity to critique what their opponents have produced. As would be assumed, there are other factors that might contribute to success in addition to one’s cooking abilities, thus one must do their hardest to win.

Many devoted cooks competed against one another in and out of the kitchen during Season 1 of the cooking competition. Brian Nadeau, whose methods significantly helped his advancement in the competition, was one of the most well-known competitors from this particular season of the series.

As soon as the show got dropped on the streaming platform, many viewers have been curious to know more about Brian, including his restaurant. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Brian Nadeau From Pressure Cooker: The 41-Year-Old Is the Owner and Executive Chef of a Restaurant Named Cucina Rustica in Rhode Island!

Brian Nadeau (@chefbnado401), who impressed everyone with his skill and determination in Pressure Cooker, is a 41-year-old professional chef who presently serves as the Owner and Executive Chef of Cucina Rustica, an Italian restaurant located at 555 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island (RI). He also has opened a ghost kitchen in conjunction with his restaurant, Nado’s Bomb Chicken Parm.

According to Brian Nadeau’s LinkedIn profile, he began his career in the food industry as the head cook and kitchen manager at Checkmate Pizza. Before joining Taso’s NY System as an executive chef/manager in June 2006, he spent nine and a half years there. Before leaving his position at Taco’s, he spent a little more than five years working there before joining New Sea Shai Restaurant as general manager.

Brian was appointed executive chef and general manager of The Fish Market Restaurant a year later, in December 2011. While there, he worked until June 2014 and was already the senior chef at Amalfi Oceanside at the Pier. He developed innovative meals and culinary services at Amalfi and put them into practice.

The management of the food production, the running of the kitchen, and the recruiting and reprimanding of workers fell entirely within Brian’s authority. He was on duty there until February 2016.

Then, in 2016, Brian and his wife started Cucina Rustica. He subsequently began working as an executive chef for his company. In the meanwhile, he founded Hash NY System in December 2019, where he also served in the same position. Writing about his journey in the culinary business, he writes,

My knowledge of the restaurant business began when I was a dishwasher at the age of 12, but through long hours and dedication I have worked very hard to learn all positions within the restaurant, leading to becoming an Executive Chef  / General Manager.

Talking about his relationship, Brian is married to his wife, Gina Musto. They got married in October 2016 and have been living happily ever after. On their 4th anniversary, Brian posted a picture on his Facebook and wrote, “The most incredible day of my life was this day… her more than anything!!! Thank you for making my life what it is, being my best friend & always making me laugh… you are my heart. Happy 4 years anniversary!!”

As a memorial to the most memorable day of their life, Brian wrote, “My days are brighter with you. Happy 5 years married to my absolute everything #happyanniversary.”

Gina, who turned 41 years old in 2017, was born in September 1981. She co-owns and runs Cucina Rustica with Brian. They launched the business in 2016. They had previously collaborated at the formerly Oceanside at the Narragansett Pier. She also tends bars on Saturdays. Brian is now the proud father of Luca Anthony Nadeau. “Being a dad is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. There’s nothing like it. Nothing will beat this. Ever,” he wrote in a message on his Facebook page in January 2022.

Speaking about his journey in the Netflix show, Brian recently said “it didn’t feel real” in an interview with Hot 106. He further added,

My whole idea going into it was I knew that I was going to be competing with some very bad you know really high-end chefs so my whole goal was I’m not going to go in and just try to do some mediocre stuff my whole goal is I’m gonna go do ambitious dishes because I want to either go big or go home so I’m either gonna hit or I’m gonna lose so you know that was my whole idea.

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