Chef Caroline Gutierrez From Pressure Cooker: Find Her on Instagram!

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Chef Caroline Gutierrez From Pressure Cooker: Find Her on Instagram!

Caroline Gutierrez, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker, is a private chef for C+M, which she runs alongside her husband, Matthew. And yes, she and another contestant, Sergei Nicholas Simonov, are not a couple in real life. Follow to know more about Caroline with her Instagram handle (@carolinevgutierrez). 

A cooking competition show like Pressure Cooker has never existed before. If the new Netflix reality series doesn’t seem like a recipe for drama, we don’t know what does. It’s a mix of Big Brother and Top Chef. 11 seasoned cooks square off in the competition for a sizable cash award and the related personal glory. However, they are not required to win over a celebrity host or a judging panel of top chefs on this show. They have to impress each other.

There isn’t any host or any judges. There are just the chefs, and they live together in addition to competing against one another and voting one another out of the competition. On the show, the chefs are challenged to wow viewers not only with their culinary creations but also with their interpersonal skills.

One of the cast members that has been in the spotlight since the release of the show is Caroline Gutierrez. Surprisingly, she has gathered many fans who are curious to learn more about her. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Caroline Gutierrez From Pressure Cooker: The Chef Is a Private Chef for C+M, Which She Runs Alongside Her Husband!

With her husband Matthew, Caroline Gutierrez (@carolinevgutierrez) runs what she refers to as a “boutique private chef service” in Atlanta under the name Chefs C+M. (small spoiler: Matthew makes an appearance during the thick of the competition). They like serving globally inspired tasting menus with Japanese, Italian, or Latin cuisines, which she relies on in the Pressure Cooker kitchen.

As for how she prefers to play the game, Caroline explained that she likes to be herself in an interview with Tudum. She added,

I couldn’t imagine playing a character and then having to watch myself back, it would have been too much for me. I wanted to be proud of myself every step of the way, doing my best to put my finest foot forward in the kitchen and in the social game. I hope I showcase my love for food and for life.

Her unreal connection with Sergei Nicholas Simonov even led many viewers to wonder if they are couples in real life. Well, they aren’t. Her journey was about more than simply cooking; it was also about devising the greatest social techniques alongside Sergei.

Caroline’s abilities both inside and outside of the kitchen have helped her win a lot of fans. Caroline, who is originally from Miami, Florida, has put a lot of effort into building her reputation in the food sector. She has collaborated with several businesses throughout the years in Los Angeles, California, as well as locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Spain. Additionally, the Le Cordon Bleu graduate has experience working at Michelin-star restaurants.

Meet the Winner of Pressure Cooker Season 1!

The winner of Pressure Cooker‘s first season is Robbie Jester. Robbie said that he has a very strong history of cooking and that he began cooking at a young age. He discovered that he enjoyed working in the kitchen because his parents worked in the restaurant industry and went on to earn an honors degree from the Culinary Institute of America.

After some time spent working for his parents, he ultimately found employment at Toscana Kitchen and Bar in 2008. After that, our season one champion moved on to 16 Mile Taphouse, where he made a lasting impression by having his talent highlighted in Delaware Today Magazine.

From 2014 to 2016, Robbie was recognized as one of the best chefs in the country and prepared meals for Joe Biden and Swedish royalty. Robbie has previously been on the television programs Guy’s Grocery Games and Beat Bobby Flay, so this was not his first adventure.

Robbie struggled to reach the finish line in order to advance to the Pressure Cooker final. He would have to cook a four-course feast for the grand finale, which would comprise

  • Prawn Lejon With Crispy Pork Belly Glazed With Maple Mustard
  • Mom’s Pasta Bolognese And Garlic Bread
  • Jiggery-Crusted Bison Tenderloin With Grilled Mushrooms, Pomme Frite, And Truffle Demi-Glace
  • Panna Cotta With Strawberry Rhubarb Gel And Brown Brittle

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