Is Bingo a Boy or Girl in the Bluey Cartoon?

Owen Weimann

Is Bingo a Boy or Girl in the Bluey Cartoon? – There seems to be a heavy discussion on the Internet on whether Bingo is a boy or a girl in the cartoon, Bluey. It might surprise you but Bingo is a girl, just like her elder sister.

Bluey has become incredibly popular with both children and their parents, and there are some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts that add to the show’s appeal. The Australian cartoon show, which was originally intended for preschoolers, has grown into a global hit, with millions of fans of all ages tuning in to learn life lessons from the Heeler family. Its heartwarming family dynamics and likable characters have earned the show acclaim and a permanent place in television history.

Even though Bluey is enormously popular, several doubts concerning the characters and the show continue to arise, such as whether Bingo, Bluey’s younger sibling, is a boy or a girl. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Boy or Girl: Find Out Bingo’s Gender in Bluey!

We have found that even people, who have been watching Bluey for a while, are confused regarding Bingo‘s gender. While most people have been watching the show thinking Bingo is a boy, it has raised the concern of many as multiple Internet discussions conclude that Bingo is a girl.

While it might surprise you, we confirm that Bingo is a girl; she is Bluey’s younger sister. Like Bluey, Bingo is also a girl and we are pretty sure that many of you have your jaw dropped reading this news.

Bingo is a girl; she isn't a boy. blurred-reality.comBingo is a girl; she isn’t a boy.
Image Source: Bluey Official Website

However, the creative decision to make both Bluey and Bingo girls reinforces positive lessons for children. By having characters who are red/brown and blue but refusing to have those colors equate with gender, the cartoon aims to challenge outmoded assumptions about color/gender associations without directly addressing them. It’s just one of the more subtle positive lessons that children can take away from this extremely wholesome show.

According to New Idea, the show’s producer, Daley Pearson, does not mind the misunderstanding surrounding whether Bluey and Bingo is a boy or a girl. He appears to relish it, stating,

I hesitate to correct people, especially kids, that say ‘I really love him. I think kids see what they want to see. They want to be Bluey, so if they’re a boy, they see themselves… I think it was a bit of a happy accident.

Here Is Why Some Episodes of Bluey Have Been Banned!

Although Bluey is generally innocent, some episodes have been banned and edited for a variety of reasons. Some, for example, were thought to be setting a bad example for youngsters, while others were modified for less serious reasons, such as discussing feces. The majority of editing or eliminating sequences occurred as a result of the show being uploaded to Disney+ and having to adhere to their strict content requirements.

Some episodes of Bluey have been banned in different regions. blurred-reality.comSome episodes of Bluey have been banned in different regions.
Image Source: Walmart

However, one scene was eliminated globally due to widespread outrage; Exercise, the 29th episode of season 3. In it, Bandit is shown weighing himself and dissatisfied with the results. The show sparked outrage among parents who believed it promoted fat-shaming and bad body image discussion.