Ms. Thornhill From Wednesday: Played by Christina Ricci, Is Marilyn Thornhill a Member of the Addams Family?

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Ms. Thornhill From Wednesday: Played by Christina Ricci, Is Marilyn Thornhill a Member of the Addams Family?

Ms. Thornhill aka Marilyn Thornhill from Netflix’s Wednesday is actually Laurel Gates who comes back to Nevermore as a school staff/educator to seek her revenge. She isn’t from the Addams family. Yes, she is the only surviving member of the Gates family.

Wednesday on Netflix, which is inspired by characters created by artist Charles Addams, follows the eponymous character Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), who enrolls at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school her parents attended before her after visiting eight other schools in five years. Humanity is divided into two subspecies in this adaptation of The Addams Family: the normies and the outcasts.

The misfits are persons with exceptional abilities, whereas the normies are everyday people. The latter group attends Nevermore exclusively; it is a safe haven where children who are outcasts can receive an education without worrying about being persecuted. Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci, is a significant figure in the Netflix series.

As a den mother and educator, she is the only normie on the Nevermore staff. In the beginning, Ms. Marilyn had the impression of being a kind and wise mentor—exactly the part that Ricci would have played for Ortega in the play. However, significant revelations are made at the end of the season, and it turns out that Marilyn is not actually who we initially believed. Let’s know more about her in detail.

Ms. Thornhill From Wednesday: Played by Christina Ricci, Marilyn Was the Only Surviving Member of the Gates Family Who Came Back to Seek Her Revenge!

In the new Addams Family stage, Christina Ricci (@riccigrams) brought Marilyn Thornhill to life. As the story unfolds, a woman with shoulder-length reddish hair and cat-shaped glasses interrupts Wednesday and her roommate. It’s Christina, who introduces herself as Ms. Thornhill, of course.

She works as a teacher at Nevermore Academy and appears to get along well with her students. She plays a mysterious role, and not even the Netflix media has given any information about this character’s backstory. Small facts are all that is known, and one of them is that she is brand-new to the dark family.

Fans believed Mrs. Thornhill might be Wednesday’s hidden family, possibly her Aunt Ophelia from the previous television series. In the end, Mrs. Thornhill wasn’t a descendant of the Addams family or a Wednesday from a future time. Additionally, she wasn’t thinking of Wednesday’s best interests. At all.

Mrs. Thornhill’s true identity was connected to the entire series’ long-running narrative, which had Wednesday looking into a murder case involving her parents. Gomez had been charged with the murder of wealthy neighborhood youngster Garret Gates back when her parents were Nevermore students. The notoriously anti-outcast Gates family perished in unsolved accidents.

Wednesday discovers that Mrs. Thornhill isn’t actually Mrs. Thornhill in the season one finale. Her real name was Laurel Gates, and as a little girl, she pretended to drown and pass away. She was the sole survivor of Jericho’s wealthy and outcast-hating Gates family.

As she waited to take her vengeance, Laurel assumed a new name and entered Nevermore. To exact revenge on the Nevermore Academy—and the Addams family in particular—she used her understanding of plants to manufacture a substance that would allow local youngster Tyler Galpin to reveal his “Hyde” (hidden monster) nature.

Mrs. Thornhill detailed how her family was dedicated to advancing the cause of her ancestor, Joseph Crackstone, who founded the nearby town of Jericho, in a magnificent example of villain monologuing. From Colonial times on, he was a notably anti-outcast bigot. Thornhill used an incantation to bring Joseph Crackstone back to life using her magic skills, which she learned from a book of spells written by Wednesday’s ancestor Goody Addams. It took a member of the Addams family to break the curse because Crackstone’s spirit was imprisoned by Goody Addams using a blood spell. Wednesday was that individual.

Gates pretended to befriend Wednesday when she got to the Academy. putting off casting the magic until the night of the Blood Moon. Fortunately, Wednesday was able to take down the undead Joseph Crackstone with the help of her Nevermore friends. Marilyn/Laurel attempted to shoot Wednesday out of desperation, but Wednesday hit her in the face.

Was Laurel Gates imprisoned? Is she dead? All of that was left open-ended in Wednesday’s conclusion in case they wanted to bring back Christina Ricci’s villainous figure. However, as the season finale hinted at in its cliffhanger, there are still more mysteries to be solved in the village of Jericho. If Wednesday is renewed for a second season, Christina Ricci might reprise her role as Laurel Gates.

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