Is Wednesday Addams a Witch? Does She Have Powers?

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Is Wednesday Addams a Witch? Does She Have Powers?

It has not been revealed if Wednesday Addams is a witch or not in the Netflix series. However, she does have exceptional powers, especially the ability of psychic vision. Additionally, many factors, including her mother being one of them, supports the fact that she definitely has some witchy characteristics.

Netflix‘s coming-of-age fantasy series, Wednesday, centers on the titular character, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), and is based on the characters created by American artist Charles Addams. Wednesday enrolls in Nevermore Academy, the boarding school for outcasts like her, after attending eight schools in five years.

In this version of The Addams Family, there are two distinct races of humanity. The normies are regular people, whereas the outcasts, like Wednesday, have special abilities. There are many different kinds of outcasts in the world, including shapeshifters, zombies, sirens, werewolves, and vampires. Wednesday is a psychic, just like her mother Morticia. She receives numerous glimpses about the past and the future during the season, which help her as she works to solve mysteries.

Classified as an outcast, many viewers of the show wonder if she is a vampire. No doubt, she has exceptional abilities. However, is she a witch? Let’s find it out.

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It’s Unclear Whether Wednesday Addams Is a Witch or Not but She Definitely Has a Special Ability!

Although it’s unclear what kind of outcast Wednesday Addams is, it’s possible that she’s a witch or at least resembles a witch in some way. Like the Sanderson Sisters, she may not be able to mix potions or fly on broomsticks, but there is no denying that she has a dark side. She has a psychic vision.

The psychic visions on Wednesday recur in the family. Principal Weems reveals that Morticia experienced psychic visions as well and that they were frequently notoriously unreliable and harmful. In episode 5, Morticia explains to Wednesday the nature of her own abilities and why they differ from Wednesday’s. Morticia is seen as a Dove because of her more upbeat outlook. Wednesday, in comparison, is a Raven due to her gloomier, more macabre personality.

Additionally, Cartoonist Charles Addams, who created Morticia Addams, referred to her mother as a witch. In truth, Morticia’s family and Gomez‘s family can both be traced back to the witchcraft of Salem, Mass, in Season 1, Episode 5 of the original Addams Family 1960s television series, The Addams Family. Additionally, in Episode 9 we witness Morticia “smoke,” where smoke really comes out of her body. That’s some witchy stuff!

As for Wednesday Addams, we can observe how she differs from (or is similar to) her mother because Morticia is a well-known former member of Nevermore. So maybe Wednesday will embrace her witchiness. Additionally, Wednesday in the 1991 movie has a fascination with her great-aunt Calpurnia Addams, who was burned to death in 1706 for witchcraft.

Grandmama, one of the many Addams family supporting figures, comes next, of course. Grandmama is also portrayed as a witch, depending on the iteration, and is either Morticia’s mother or Gomez’s mother. She even works in the kitchen with Granny Frump to create potions! So Wednesday definitely has some “witch” in her blood, at the very least.

Does Wednesday Addams Have Powers? Where Did She Get Her Power From?

Wednesday Addams is the only student at Nevermore who possesses the special ability of psychic visions, as opposed to the other students who all have a variety of special abilities (such as the capacity to transform into a werewolf and captivate people with siren skills).

Viewers can see one of Wednesday’s earliest visions when she discovers Pugsley shoved inside a locker and is immediately drawn into a vision of the boys who did it to him. Wednesday’s visions started a few months before she left for Nevermore. In episode 5, Wednesday offers a clear explanation of her abilities. She says,

Sometimes, when I touch someone or something, I get these very violent glimpses from the past or future. I don’t know how to control it.

Xavier Thorpe, whose father is a world-renowned psychic, agrees with Principal Weems, stating Wednesday that visions can’t be trusted since they only show one side of the story. However, where did she get her power from?

Wednesday’s psychic visions run in the family. Principal Weems reveals that Morticia experienced psychic visions as well and that they were frequently notoriously unreliable and harmful. Morticia discusses her own powers to Wednesday in episode 5 and explains why they are different. Morticia is regarded as a Dove because of her happier outlook on life. Wednesday, on the other hand, is a Raven due to her darker tone, and more ferocious demeanor.

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