What Is Wednesday Addams’ Power? What Creature Is She? A Witch or a Vampire?

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What Is Wednesday Addams' Power? What Creature Is She? A Witch or a Vampire?

Wednesday Addams, the lead character of Netflix’s Wednesday, possesses superpowers in the form of psychic abilities that allow her to see into the past and future. However, it only occurs when she touches something that has a vision. Additionally, she does not seem to have control over her power in the first season. And yes, she is neither a witch/vampire nor any other abnormal creature. She is just a human.

Netflix‘s coming-of-age fantasy series Wednesday based on the characters created by American cartoonist Charles Addams revolves around the titular character, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega). Wednesday enrolls at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for outcasts like her, after attending eight schools in five years. Humanity is divided into two subspecies in this adaptation of the Addams Family. Outcasts, such as Wednesday, have unique abilities, whereas normies are ordinary people.

There are many different types of outcasts in the world, including werewolves, vampires, sirens, gorgons, and shapeshifters. Wednesday is a psychic, just like her mother Morticia. Some elements from previous portrayals of Wednesday and The Addams Family have been incorporated into the series, but Tim Burton has experimented with some new and exciting elements to shake things up, the most notable of which is Wednesday’s supernatural powers.

Of course, this isn’t the first time The Addams Family has been associated with special abilities, but the new interpretation focuses on Wednesday and her supernatural powers. Here is everything you need to know about her powers.

Wednesday Addams Has Supernatural Powers AKA Psychic Abilities That Allow Her to See Into the Past and Future: They Only Occur When She Comes Into Contact With Something That Causes a Vision!

Wednesday has her own supernatural powers in the form of psychic abilities that allow her to see into the past and future in the new Netflix series. However, she has no control over her powers yet, they only happen when she touches something that causes a vision.

Wednesday’s visions are first seen in episode one when she was able to see the bullies who tormented her brother Pugsley simply by touching him. Her visions are described as electroshock therapy without the satisfying afterburn. She can also see a scene down to seeing other people’s faces and hearing dialogue in her psychic visions. In fact, her sinister (but not necessarily wrong) retaliation against them is what leads to her enrollment at Nevermore Academy.

Although Wednesday has psychic abilities, she is neither a witch nor any abnormal creature. She was born to human parents. Even though Wednesday does move down from a witch ancestor, she only seems to have been an outcast in Nevermore because of her clairvoyance, which she inherited from her mother, Morticia.

In a voiceover, Wednesday reveals that having powers is a recent development for her. Several times throughout the season, her psychic visions come into play. First and foremost, it is a generational gift (that feels cursed) from her mother Morticia. But, while Morticia is a dove with more positive visions, Wednesday’s dark perspective makes her a raven.

Her visions are more powerful and macabre, allowing her to see into the past and future. Wednesday’s psychic vision powers come in handy once she gets into the mysteries of Nevermore Academy. She notices important items and details that provide her with strong hints. Morticia, on the other hand, warns Wednesday that she must learn to control them. Otherwise, she risks losing her mind.

And as Wednesday’s powers increase, the control certainly seems to be a problem. At first, they are brief and hazy, much like dreams. Her posture is usually upright, with her eyes open and her head to the ceiling. Wednesday, however, becomes immersed in another time and can even interact with people in that space as they grow stronger.

We see her doing this with Goody Addams, an ancestor who was killed by pilgrims in Jericho, a normie town near Nevermore. In reality, Wednesday is sometimes on the ground (or unable to stand) and extremely vulnerable during a vision. This is problematic because the visions can occur at any time, including when she bumps into someone or touches specific objects, such as Rowan‘s glasses.

To hone her powers, she seeks out Goody’s assistance. However, Goody informs her that she cannot control a raging river and that she must learn to navigate it. She also tells Wednesday that she is prepared for a life of solitude. Wednesday is also warned by Principal Weems that her powers can be dangerous due to their unpredictability and that they may not tell the whole truth. To Wednesday’s dismay, the ability does lead her down the wrong path, nearly costing her new friendships and initially putting the wrong person in jail. But the visions reveal who the true monster is.

Surprisingly, she has no visions in the final episode. Which is a good thing, considering she’s up against the surprisingly evil Ms. Thornhill, Tyler, and a resurrected Joseph Crackstone. It is assumed that she still has those abilities and can summon spirits with her talisman. Unfortunately, Goody’s healing on Wednesday means her spirit will not return.

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