New Updates on Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes from ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ on Netflix

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New Updates on Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes from 'Love is Blind: Brazil' on Netflix

Fans wonder if Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes from Love is Blind: Brazil Season 1 on Netflix are still together in 2021. Meet Hudson and Carolina on Instagram.

Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes were among the joyful couples who married during the emotional Love is Blind: Brazil finale on Netflix.

Strangers interact and communicate through a physical barrier on this reality program before heading on a honeymoon and residing together for the ultimate challenge.

For some, they clicked right away and started wooing their way through the show, but for many others, it was a complete and utter disaster.

Hudson and Carolina seemed to form a relationship the moment they set eyes on one another, and we wanted to know if it lasted after filming was through.

Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes from ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ on Netflix

By profession, Hudson Mendes is a skilled lifestyle and fashion content creator in his mid-twenties, while Carolina serves as a model and attorney. She is over three years Hudson’s senior, which he genuinely prefers.

Hudson Mendes’ goal was to discover a romance like his parents, who had been married for more than 35 years.

Carolina, on the flip side, has had a string of bad experiences and came to the program to explore if she could uncover her life partner.

Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes: Their Journey on ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’

Carolina Novaes had a deep bond with Gustavo Mester, too, but they subsequently realized they could get along as friends only.

Carolina and Hudson had an initial physical appeal that seemed to gain strength as they got familiar with each other.

They looked to share common ideals and united through their familial and ethnic beliefs.

She professed her affections to Hudson Mendes by presenting him with an impassioned love letter and a white gown, before he subsequently got down on his knee.

Are Hudson and Carolina Still Together?

Hudson Mendes and Carolina Novaes married at the end of Love is Blind: Brazil Season 1. However, there haven’t been many shots of them together on Instagram since the end of the dating series.

When they initially met, there was an obvious attraction, although they did have disagreements, such as Hudson believing Carolina depicted him as sexist.

Hudson and Carolina appear to have clashed at times in the actual world since she has not uploaded any images with him since.

Hudson, on the other hand, shared a photo of them on their wedding day. However, they may be locked into a Netflix deal for the time being.

The duo does follow one another on social media, which is a positive indication that whatever transpired between them, they seem to be on friendly terms.

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