Clea Shearer’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her Face?

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Clea Shearer's Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her Face?

Clea Shearer from Get Organized with The Home Edit is believed to have undergone plastic surgery after her face looked noticeably different in Season 2. The Netflix alum Clea from The Home Edit might have gotten lip fillers while there’s some hint at jawline enhancement, too. Let’s explore Clea Shearer’s plastic surgery speculations.

The co-founder of The Home Edit, Clea Shearer is an American businesswoman who has been working with her co-partner, Joanna Teplin in helping clients contain their clutter to form incredible places.

The Home Edit was their second home and the place where they actually spent more time than their real places. Joanna and Clea were busy in their professional lives and were living a normal usual life, however, their tedious days changed to jocund days when they caught Netflix‘s eyes.

The popular streaming media, Netflix decided to change Clea’s company into a reality show, and named it, Get Organized with The Home Edit, and the show premiered on 1st April 2022.

With the show’s release, the curiosity and interest in knowing the founder, Clea Shearer has also dramatically increased.

Moreover, scrutinizing the smallest changes, the audience has concluded that Clea Shearer underwent plastic surgery. Did Clea get any cosmetic surgery or lip fillers?

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Clea Shearer’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Up With Her Face?

The popular American businesswoman and television reality star, Clea Shearer is the co-founder of a home organizing company, The Home Edit and she invested around $4 million along with her co-partner, Joanna in forming this company.

Although during the establishment of the company, they were compelled to contribute a huge ransom of money, today, this same company has led them into living lavish lives.

The 40-year-old, Clea Shearer is professionally an American businesswoman. She was born on 1st February 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Being passionate about fashion design, she graduated from Parsons School of Design and has a degree in fashion design.

Having a degree in fashion fields, Clea dedicated herself to opening an Interior design company, and with this, she has been making enormous money.

Recently, a controversy has been surrounding her regarding her plastic surgery. In today’s world, cosmetic surgeries and incisions have become a trend, and almost all celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon. With the popularity of fillers, people made random assumptions about Clea getting surgery.

According to these people, Clea Shearer has got lip fillers, and her jawline seems to look sharper. However, the owner of The Home Edit has never mentioned her insecurity about her physical features, moreover, she has never talked about plastic and cosmetic incisions.

Everyone is perfect, and Clea Shearer is absolutely gorgeous and all of her natural facial features are already enough to give her the best possible look.

To that point, the rumor of Clea’s plastic surgery inclines towards just being a futile controversy, and maybe the scandal is produced by those people who envy Clea’s physical appearance, and are insecure about themselves.

Also, while comparing Clea’s today’s look with her past version, all of her facial features appear to look similar excluding the aging of her skin.

Just because someone has beautiful features, and is naturally blessed with big lips, sharper jawlines, and all those features that society tags as ideal beauty standards, people shouldn’t randomly accuse someone of getting plastic surgery.

Is Clea Shearer Married?

The 40-year-old American businesswoman, Clea Shearer has shared her wedding vows with the popular American photographer, John Shearer (@johnshearer), therefore, following the tradition, Clea has taken his surname.

Clea and her husband are too private when it comes to talking about their personal life, however, they update us on their lives via their respective Instagram account.

Moreover, they are parents to two children who are currently in their teenage stage. Presently, Clea and her entire family reside in Nashville and tend to share one of the strongest family bonds.

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