Clea Shearer’s Husband: Meet John Shearer on Instagram!

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Clea Shearer's Husband: Meet John Shearer on Instagram!

Clea Shearer is the co-founder of Get Organized with The Home Edit, and with the show’s popularity, Clea’s career is getting benefitted from getting fame to money, she has been surrounded with many questions. The audience is quite invested in knowing if Clea is married and lives with her husband or is still single. Clea Shearer is indeed in a marital relationship with her husband John Shearer, with whom she shares two children.

On 1st April 2022, the popular streaming media, Netflix released an incredible show, Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Typically, this American show is about two people, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. These cast members succor their clients in containing their clutter to make beautiful spaces. With the show’s popularity, even the cast members are benefitted and are rising to prominence.

Clea Shearer is one of the personalities starring on Get Organized with The Home Edit. From her cast on the Netflix production, many personal questions have been surrounding her regarding her career as well as her relationship updates.

Many people are much curious to know if Clea Shearer is a married woman, and if yes, who is her husband? Let’s find out if Clea’s husband exists for real or is yet to come into her life.

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Get Organized with The Home Edit: Clea Shearer’s Husband is John Shearer!

The renowned as well as the controversial streaming media platform, Netflix has always been bringing new shows, series, and movies every now and then. From receiving love from the audience to earning a hefty profit, this particular streaming media is definitely at the top.

Recently, on April’s Fool Day, a new exclusive show, Get Organized with The Home Edit was released which featured one of the reality stars, Clea Shearer (impressive net worth and subject of plastic surgery).

The American home organization expert and businesswoman, Clea Shearer is probably in her mid-20s. She is also the co-founder of The HomeEdit along with her co-partner, Joanna Teplin.

Clea was born on 1st February 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Talking about her educational qualifications, she graduated from the Parsons  School of Design in New York in 2004 with a degree in BBA in design management.

More than any of her personal information, the fans are quite into knowing about relationships and conjugal life. It might be heart-wrenching to bring this to everyone who had been crushing on Clea, but unfortunately, she is a married woman and is in a committed relationship with her husband, John Shearer (@johnshearer).

Clea’s husband, John is a photographer and is mainly focused on the entertainment and music industry. Although Clea and her husband haven’t divulged how they began their conjugal life, looking at their present relationship, it seems like they both are oxygen in each other’s lives, and cannot spend a second devoid of each other’s presence.

In addition, Clea and her partner, John are parents to their two children: Stella Blue and Sutton Gray. We can see their together moments and vacation photos on their Instagram account. Both Clea and her husband update their life events on their Instagram accounts.

Clea Shearer’s Net Worth and Career

Initially, Clea Sherear started working as a coach in New York and Beverly Hills. With time, she changed her profession and later, worked at Guess, MySpace, and TheRealReal. In addition to all these, she also served as a freelancer in many renowned companies.

Today, Clea has successfully established The Home Edit in 2015, and with this, she has been making a hefty net worth. Also, her career came to a turning point when the popular streaming media, Netflix decided to make a reality show based on her company.

We have been seeing Clea living a luxurious life, and that brings up questions about her net worth. Thus, calculating her net worth from all the different sources, it has been estimated that Clea Shearer is worth around $3.5 million.

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