Clea Shearer’s Parents: Meet Nathan and Roberta Cummings!

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Clea Shearer's Parents: Meet Nathan and Roberta Cummings!

Clea Shearer’s parents include his mother, Roberta Cummings, and father, Nathan Cummings, a philanthropist and businessman. Completing her family, Clea Shearer has a brother, Dashiell Driscoll. She is currently starring on Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit Season 2.

April fool’s day, the day when Netflix fooled us into binge-watching its new exclusive show, Get Organized with The Home Edit will forever take us back to the memories of watching how Clea Shearer and her co-partner, Joanna Teplin helped their clients in creating extra-ordinary places.

Just within a few days of its release, the show has risen to controversy, and now Clea’s professional field is making more money than ever.

Along with money, Clea Shearer has been receiving immense exposure, and people are interested to learn more about her life. As we have been seeing Clea on screen, most people are already well-known for anything that’s linked to her career.

However, the main concern is her personal life, and people are much curious about her parents who shaped Clea into being what she is today. Let’s get to know Clea Shearer’s parents.

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Clea Shearer’s Parents and Early Life

Clea Shearer (subject of plastic surgery) and her co-partner ran a company named The Home Edit where they used to help their customers in creating incredible spaces. While they both were busy making money, the popular streaming media platform, Netflix caught their company, and then decide to make a show based on it.

Thus, Clea’s life went in a different direction with the release of Get Organized with The Home Edit. Some days back, she was just a normal businesswoman thriving to earn a hefty income, and today, Clea has changed into becoming a reality television star.

Born on 6th February 1982, in Los Angeles, California, Clea (@cleashearer) was born in a Hebrew family. Clea seems to be a very private person when it comes to her family and does not reveal much about her life.

Talking about her parents, as of now, she has only revealed full details about her mother, Roberta Cummings, who also featured on Get Organized with The Home Edit. However, Clea has been less open about her dad.

Some sources suggest her father is Nathan Cummings, a philanthropist & businessman. She also has a brother, Dashiell Driscoll. Along with her parents, Clea spent her childhood years with her brother.

Talking about her educational qualifications, Clea gained a bachelor’s degree in design from a reputed institution in NYC, Parsons School of Design. Presently, Clea Shearer has been owning a company worth $4 million, and with this, she has been making a stable profit to sustain her livelihood. However, her income isn’t confined to providing her basic necessities rather has filled her life with luxuries.

The 40-year-old, Shearer is active on Instagram and shares her special moments on it. Many people still don’t believe that she is in her 40s and tend to assume that she is probably in her early 30s as Clea still shares the same glow.

Who is Clea Shearer Married To?

The prominent businesswoman, Clea Shearer is a married woman and is in a happy conjugal life with her husband, John Shearer.

Although Clea and her husband, John haven’t revealed the beginning of their relationship, and how they crossed their paths, they tend to share one of the strongest bonds, and therefore, are happy together.

Moreover, they are parents of two children, Stella Blue, and Sutton Gray. Clea’s family seems to be filled with bliss, and they are living one of the best lives. Also, Clea as well as her photographer husband, John often share their moments on their respective Instagram accounts.

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