When was Coming Out Colton Filmed? Timeframe Explained!

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When was Coming Out Colton Filmed? Details Explained!

Fans are eager to know when was Coming Out Colton filmed. The Netflix show was filmed in the latter months of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Prior to telling the world he’s gay in that Good Morning America broadcast, The Bachelor star Colton Underwood had a lengthy road, and his latest Netflix documentary series Coming Out Colton is really about the months that lead up to that critical moment.

The show involves a lot of traveling, and the timeframe may leave viewers guessing when Coming Out Colton was shot.

When was Coming Out Colton Filmed?

The series opens off shortly after Colton Underwood‘s ugly separation from his former partner Cassie Randolph, indicating that production has been ongoing for some time.

The Randolph split is evidently still raw in the new documentary, as Underwood emotionally said he chose to come out of the closet the day he heard of the restraining order, which was issued on 14th September 2020, just after a suspected overdose.

The last six episodes of Coming Out Colton were filmed in the latter months of 2020 and the starting months of 2021, all in preparation for the GMA interview, which premiered on 14th April 2021.

The unusually long production timeframe seems logical, given that the program required a significant amount of movement and the organization of numerous conferences and large events for Underwood to participate.

Where Does Coming Out Colton Take Place?

Much of the docuseries takes place in Colton Underwood‘s small hometown of Denver, but he also goes back to his early life hometown of Washington, Illinois, to join up with his high school football coach.

Additionally, he travels to Nashville, Tennessee, to have fun with some new buddies — and, of course, to New York City to take part in his Good Morning America meeting.

The show concludes just a few days after the Good Morning America conversation, so fans carry a good idea of how long filming on Coming Out Colton lasted.

The docuseries took around five months to shoot in total, which is considerably longer than most people thought when they first learned the program was in the works.

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