Heather Lundy’s Grandfather: The Man was an Inspiration to Her Growing Up!

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Heather Lundy's Grandfather: The Man was an Inspiration to Her Growing Up!

Heather Lundy’s grandfather was her inspiration growing up. She features on Coming Out Colton on Netflix. The Lundy evangelical alum provides affordable mental health therapy with Khesed Wellness.

Heather Lundy, who makes appearances on episodes 4 and 6 on Colton Underwood‘s reality show Coming Out Colton on Netflix, says peace has taken her by surprise. She never knew her life would be so full of peace and thankfulness.

She was well prepared for the agony of coming out in the midst of a non-affirming Christian family, but she was not equipped for the inner calm.

Heather Lundy’s Grandfather Inspired Her to be Complete

During her own transitional therapeutic process, Heather Lundy identified her biggest fear of coming out, regardless of whether or not she chose celibacy. Years later, she got therapeutic treatment in which she was basically met with genuineness.

The therapist would say,

We will find our way if we begin with being ourselves.

Growing up, her grandfather always told her:

Know who you are, like who you are, be who you are.

Heather Lundy couldn’t be in more admiration for grandfather’s words. The Coming Out Colton alum says, what a wonderful way to represent progress toward inner completeness.

“Shalom” is the Hebrew word for peace, derived from the core word meaning wholeness. Heather spent several years of her life attempting to change who she is. She strived to transform who she was in order for her society to love the person she believed they expected her to be.

Heather Lundy Bumped into Her Partner in Church

When Lundy was battling to hold her own completeness, the most prevalent experience she encountered was longing. As preacher Philip Newell would put it, dive further into your individuality, how you’re a “unique expression” of God.

Talking of theology, Heather Lundy never imagined she would find her partner at church. She kept ignoring her since she was so startled by the incident. In fact, she resisted direct eye contact with her as they were “passing the peace” and addressing each other.

Thankfully, her partner, Olja, didn’t hesitate to introduce herself right before they sat down. While she was awaiting Communion, she asked her out to coffee.

Wholeness and genuineness go hand in hand, and she’s grateful to have had the opportunity to experience both when she met her partner at church.

Heather Lundy says, the most lovely element of discovering her own unique identity as a gay woman has been discovering that every step of the journey is a blessing to be received – not judged, converted, repressed, manipulated, or justified.

Being entirely her, on the other hand, means that she is fully committed to Christ. She says, “Praise God that today, I adore who I am and get to be who I am every moment of every day.”

That is her goal for every human being that is coming to terms with their homosexuality because all of our orientations are a gift to be embraced.

You can find this remarkable personality on Instagram, @hnlundy.

Coming Out Colton is streaming on Netflix.

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