Love Is Blind: Thomas Smith’s Photo; More About the Houston, TX, Resident!

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Love Is Blind: Thomas Smith’s Photo; More About the Houston, TX, Resident!

Nothing about Thomas Smith, who allegedly assaulted Tran Dang during their time on Love Is Blind, has been revealed yet, including his photos. All we know so far is that he lives in Houston, TX.

One of the contestants on Netflix‘s Love Is Blind claims she was sexually assaulted and says the incident may have been caught on tape. As a result, she is suing her ex-fiancé and the creators of the show.

Tran Dang, a competitor from season 5 who was not included in the final product, is suing production companies Delirium TV and Kinetic Content over the alleged incident, which she claims occurred in 2022. While spending time in the pods, Dang claims she got engaged to fellow participant Thomas Smith. Nevertheless, she alleges he sexually abused her while they were filming in Mexico.

Not even a single clip of Tran Dang and Thomas Smith was included in the show, many people have been looking for the photos of Thomas, who sexually assaulted the woman he was going to marry. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Thomas Smith’s Photo: What Happened Between Him and Tran Dang in Love Is Blind?

Unfortunately, nothing about Thomas Smith has been made public to this day, including his photos. All we know is that he got engaged to Tran Dang, who claims he sexually assaulted her multiple times while they were in Mexico during their time in Love Is Blind.

Thomas Smith’s photo has not been made public till now. blurred-reality.comThomas Smith’s photo has not been made public till now.
Image Source: Netflix

Dang also alleges that Kinetic Content and Delirium TV negligently “falsely imprisoned” her while filming the series, according to the lawsuit, which was initially filed on August 16, 2022. When the show’s full cast was revealed, neither Dang nor Smith were included, and they don’t have a single-screen appearance in the new season, which debuted on September 22.

Dang claims Smith “repeatedly and forcibly made sexual contact” with her, “exposed himself in the nude,” and “incessantly groped” her. Meanwhile, Smith rejects the accusations, and Smith’s attorney, Kip Patterson, told in an email that the firm won’t comment on pending litigation.

According to Dang’s claim, the production firms are responsible for Thomas Smith’s actions because they took place while filming or at their “workplace,” and since he was a contender, he was an “employee.” She claimed in the petition that Kinetic Content and Delirium TV had filmed “most, if not all,” of the actions since she and Smith were “under 24-hour surveillance” by the production companies.

In a joint statement in response to the complaint, Kinetic Content and Delirium TV refuted the claim that contestants are constantly videotaped:

We support and stand with victims of sexual assault, but Ms. Dang’s claims against the producers are meritles. We document the independent choices of adults who volunteer to participate in a social experiment. Their journey is not scripted, nor is it filmed around the clock. We have no knowledge or control over what occurs in private living spaces when not filming, and participants may choose to end their journey at any time.

Dang claimed in the lawsuit that she informed the producers of Thomas Smith’s behavior the following morning, but she says they did not take her claim seriously. However, Kinetic Content and Delirium TV claim that she did not report any wrongdoings during the show.

Tran Dang’s Attorney Accuses the Production Companies of Delaying the Ongoing Case!

Tran Dang's attorney claims the production company is throwing money to delay the case. blurred-reality.comTran Dang’s attorney claims the production company is throwing money to delay the case.
Image Source: Netflix

Following Tran Dang’s claim against Thomas Smith and the production companies, Tran’s attorney, Benjamin W. Allen, released a statement in which he accused the production companies of delaying the ongoing case. The statement reads:

The producers are throwing money at the problem by spending an inordinate amount of money on losing legal positions that do nothing but delay the parties from having their day in court. They lost on three distinct legal issues before the trial court and then filed three separate appeals to multiply the proceedings we have to wade through before finally trying this case.

While Tran’s attorney believes her position will be vindicated, the creator of Love Is Blind, Chris Coelen, recently responded to the lawsuit in an interview with People saying,

We are not filming around the clock. We are not mounting cameras in their personal living spaces. We don’t do that. We’re like a documentary. They are alone during periods of times, they are not under surveillance. We do not tell people what to say, what to do, we consistently tell people that this is their journey, this is their life to lead as they choose. We’re there to follow it.