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Renee and Carter From Love Is Blind Season 5: Instagram & Spoilers!

Oct 3, 2023 @ 5:40 EDT
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Renee and Carter From Love Is Blind Season 5: Instagram & Spoilers!

Renee and Carter were one of the couples of Love Is Blind season 5, however, their journey didn't make it to the show. Delve with us to learn what actually happened. Also, find them on Instagram. Spoilers ahead!

Season 5 of Love Is Blind has finally arrived on Netflix. New episodes will be released every week until the finale airs on October 13. 8 episodes are currently streaming. The season is as usual jam-packed with romance, conflict, and so many unexpected turns that it's hard to keep up.

The Netflix dating series, which has grown in popularity since its initial debut in 2020, is sure to maintain its position as one of the most popular reality shows. Fans have already seen a number of love triangles, breakups and reconciliations, and an early exit, despite the fact that it is still early in the season.

On the other hand, viewers have noticed that the love story of the two contestants, Renee and Carter, is not shown in the new season even though they were part of the experiment, as evidenced by a few clips. As a result, people want to know what really happened. Well, spoilers ahead!!

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Love Is Blind Season 5: Viewers Are Concerned Why Renee and Carter’s Story Was Not Featured in the Show; Spoilers Ahead!

According to reports, Renee Poche and Carter Wall got engaged in Season 5 of Love is Blind and were filmed all the way to the altar, but their journey was not featured in the series.

Renne and Carter actually got engaged and even walked to the altar. blurred-reality.comRenne and Carter actually got engaged and even walked to the altar.
Image Source: Starcasm

Renee and Carter weren't really taken out of the program. Throughout the filming, Renee cracked many amusing jokes, one of which was that Stacy intended to serve Johnnie po*p cookies.

Marriage records indicate that Renee and Carter applied for a marriage license on May 18, 2022, while we are unaware of all the specifics of what transpired. However, they don't have a wedding date, which suggests that they abandoned their engagement.

In fact, reports suggest that Renee married another person on March 28, 2023. With a wedding date a few weeks after the filing, her second filing does indicate that the license was returned.

Season 5 of Love Is Blind began filming in the spring of 2022 and was completed in early June. With the rest of the cast, Renee and Carter most certainly traveled to the retreat. This season, there wasn't a lot of group footage from the trip shown, so that would help to explain.

Renne recently shared a picture of her while she was on the set of Love Is Blind. blurred-reality.comRenne recently shared a picture of her while she was on the set of Love Is Blind.
Image Source: Instagram

Here is some proof that Renee attended the trip with the group. She shared the above image of herself at the beach with the Love is Blind branded metal drinkware on her Instagram stories.

Find Renee and Carter on Instagram!

We can find Renee on Instagram at (@missreneepoche) where she has over 10k followers. Likewise, Carter can be found on Instagram at (@carterdaleyal) where he has over 5.4k followers.

Talking about their profession, Tudum reports that Renee is a veterinarian who has spent the previous five years putting all of her attention into her job, which is why she is still looking for a relationship. She's on the lookout for a bearded man who shares her passion for animals. When Renee isn't being a "dogtor," which is often, her Instagram account reveals that she loves to travel a lot.

Similarly, Carter is the "perfect blend of naive and spontaneous." The 30-year-old construction worker wants to meet someone who shares his "old-fashioned and open-minded" outlook on life and enjoys going fishing with his mates. He appears to be very eager to locate a partner for marriage.

Love Is Blind Season 5 is not streaming on Netflix.

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