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On January 12, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Queer Eye: Antoni Porowski's Smoothie Recipe on Season 6!

With the end of Queer Eye Season 6, people are thrilled at trying Antoni Porowski's smoothie recipe, having the flavor...
On January 8, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Cauliflower Steak from Queer Eye Season 6: Learn How to Make Antoni Porowski's Recipe!

Antoni Porowski's cauliflower steak recipe from Queer Eye Season 6 has developed curiosity among viewers. Fans want to learn more...
On January 7, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Queer Eye: Are Josh and Kayla Still Together? Season 6 Update!

Appearing on the third episode of Queer Eye Season 6, Josh and Kayla created perplexity to everyone regarding their relationship....
On January 6, 2022 By Reality Writer

Are the Queer Eye Guys Actually Friends in Real Life? Do They Genuinely Get Along?

Having five casts: Jonathan, Tan, Antoni, Bobby, and Karamo, Queer Eye Season 6 caught everyone's heed. Seeing these five casts...
On January 6, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Dr. Jereka Thomas-Hockaday from Queer Eye Season 6: Find Out What Kind of Doctor She Is!

Dr. Jereka Thomas-Hockaday EDd. who transferred from a community college to Capelle University is the co-founder of Central Texas Allied...
On January 6, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Reggie Devore from Queer Eye Season 6: Meet the Blacklight Rapper on Instagram!

Reggie Devore, the Blacklight rapper, from Queer Eye season 6 is into hip hop music. Hence, DJ Reggie Devore is...
On January 5, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Queer Eye Season 6: Where are They Now?

Netflix's Queer Eye Season 6 was definitely worth watching as we got to see the five cast members with the...
On January 5, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Queer Eye Season 7: Release Date, Episodes, Nominations, Casting!

Will there be Queer Eye Season 7? Netflix viewers wonder about Queer Eye Season 7 release date, episodes, nominations, and...
On January 5, 2022 By Reality Writer

How to Nominate Someone for Queer Eye? Learn How to Apply!

Fans wonder about how to nominate someone for Queer Eye 2021 on Netflix through their website. Many are curious about...
On January 4, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Terri White from Queer Eye Season 6: Drugs, Real Hair & Instagram Explored!

Terri White from Netflix's Queer Eye Season 6 lives in Austin, and the usage of hair growth and stimulating capillus...
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