Filming Location of Queer Eye Season 8: Where Was It Filmed?

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Queer Eye season 8 was filmed in various locations in Louisiana, New Orleans, including Josephine Estelle, Cajun Encounters, Louisiana School for the Deaf, Magazine Street, and more.

Queer Eye, a revival of the Bravo original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, has been a Netflix hit since its 2018 debut. After a successful 7 seasons, the show was renewed for Season 2 in November 2023. And guess what? It has arrived on the streaming platform.

Starring five professionals from various industries, the show delivers more than simply a makeover. Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France work with some of the most interesting people in each location they visit, infusing their lives with new cuisines, trends, and basics. The new Fab Five, who are always attempting to preach a message of hope and happiness, have created a name for themselves on the show throughout the years.

Since the previous seasons were filmed in different states of the United States as well as some locations in Japan and Australia, many viewers wonder where Season 8 was filmed. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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All the Filming Locations of Queer Eye Season 8!

Season 8 of Queer Eye was filmed in various locations in Louisiana, New Orleans. Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Netflix production filmed the show in the Lower South and West South Central regions; season 7 was totally produced in the Bayou State. The filming procedure proceeded easily because the production team was familiar with the region, resources, and people.

Just like the seventh season, Queer Eye season 8 was entirely filmed in New Orleans.Just like the seventh season, Queer Eye season 8 was entirely filmed in New Orleans.
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The cast and crew set up camp in various sites throughout New Orleans, Louisiana, to film season 8. They briefly filmed in Hotel Saint Vincent, located at 1507 Magazine Street. Now, let’s have a brief discussion on all the locations used according to episodes.

Episode 1

A section of episode 1 of Queer Eye season 8 was filmed at Josephine Estelle, a restaurant on 600 Carondelet Street in the Warehouse District that serves Italian cuisine with a Southern twist.

The team also shot sequences in The Elysian Bar in Hotel Peter and Paul, 2317 Burgundy Street, and Rubensteins, 102 St Charles Avenue. Bluenote Barbershop, 1036 Henriette Delille Street, also acted as a filming location.

Episode 2

The second episode of the eighth season features sequences shot at Cajun Encounters, a local tour company located at 941 Decatur Street that specializes in organizing tours of the cemetery, plantation, swamp, and city in general. Aside from that, the shooting also took place at Dr. Bob’s Folk Art, a local gem at 3027 Chartres Street in the Bywater district, and Bearded Lady Barber Shop, located at 2122 Magazine Street.

Episode 3

A few scenes for episode 3 were filmed in the famed cosmetics boutique SEPHORA on 414 North Peters Street. Tan visited A Lane Bryant at 3301 Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie, a New Orleans suburb, to get some spectacular plus-size apparel.

The same episode includes various views of TOUCHES by TIRCUIT – The Hair Studio, located at 4712 Paris Avenue in the Oak Park Shopping Center. Episode 3 also features the landmark New Orleans Jazz Museum at 400 Esplanade Avenue, which commemorates jazz history in a variety of ways.

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Queer Eye was filmed at Q Clothier / Rye 51 (333 Canal Street, Suite 219) and Louisiana State University (1542 Tulane Avenue). The cast and crew were also seen filming at Tava Indian Street Food (611 O’Keefe Avenue Unit 8).

Tava Indian Street Food has been closed permanently since November 2023.Tava Indian Street Food has been closed permanently since November 2023.

However, the restaurant where the cast enjoyed the “Best Chicken Sandwich in the City” closed permanently on November 18, 2023. Aside from that, a few sequences from Episode 4 were filmed at the Louisiana School for the Deaf, located near the city at 2888 Brightside Drive in Baton Rouge.

Episode 5

Furthermore, episode 5 of Queer Eye season 8 includes scenes at Vessel NOLA at 3835 Iberville Street and Sweet Olive at 1230 North Broad Street. It takes us to the Bywater Brew Pub, located at 3000 Royal Street in the consolidated city parish of New Orleans. In addition, the Fab Five visited the SOSUSU Boutique at 3427 Magazine Street and the Salon Society at 416 Girod Street.

Episode 6

For the sixth episode of season 8, the filming team took over many locations on Magazine Street, including Joseph Specialty Store at 5500 Magazine Street, Potsalot Pottery at 3818 Magazine Street, and The Sazerac House at 101 Magazine Street. Some scenes were also filmed at and near Queenly Conjure, located at 8128 Oak Street #1/2 in New Orleans. Unfortunately, it is temporarily closed as of this writing.

Queer Eye season 8 is now streaming on Netflix.