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Queer Eye Cast Partners: Relationships, Husbands & Boyfriends; Know if They Married!

May 16, 2023 @ 3:00 EDT
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Queer Eye Cast Partners: Relationships, Husbands & Boyfriends; Know if They Married!

Talking about the partners of the Queer Eye cast, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Bobby Berk are married to their husbands while Antoni Porowski and Karamo Brown are in relationships & all set to get married to their boyfriends.

Queer Eye on Netflix is a reality, unscripted original series that is genuinely unlike anything else because it puts the idea of improving yourself through a complete makeover front and center. After all, it delicately centers around five exceptionally talented specialists (referred to as the Fab Five) who help people (or Heroes) in making lifestyle improvements to the point where they realize their greatest potential.

Tan France (fashion), Bobby Berk (interior design), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Antoni Porowski (food and wine), and Karamo Brown (culture) all had profiles before they were chosen for the show, but their positive attitudes and makeover abilities have made them into true stars.

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Meet the Partners of the Queer Eye Cast: While Some of Them Are Married Already, Others Are All Set to Get Married Soon!

Have you ever watched Queer Eye in silence and wondered what the lives of the Fab Five are like? Who are our favorite Queer Eye cast's partners (husbands)? Where do all of them reside? How did they first meet? Well, let's discuss the relationship of the Fab Five in detail.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) announced his marriage to Mark Peacock on Instagram in December 2020, describing the British model as "my best friend" and "a loving partner." Later, the Queer Eye cast revealed that they began dating while the hairstylist was in London for a comedy tour. The couple is living their life to the fullest and can frequently be spotted on each other's Instagram.

Jonathan Van Ness and his partner, Mark Peacock.Jonathan Van Ness and his partner, Mark Peacock.
Image Source: Instagram

Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski (@antoni) was dating the art director Joey Krietemeyer when Queer Eye first aired. However, the couple ended their seven-year relationship amicably in August 2018. After DMing each other in September 2018, the Let's Do Dinner cookbook author moved on with former Flipping Out star Trace Lehnhoff. In August 2019, it was revealed that Porowski and Trace had split up since their romance had "run its course," according to E! News.

In July 2019, Porowski started dating strategist Kevin Harrington. Porowski and Harrington swiftly moved in together and began dog fostering in the spring of 2020 as a result of the pandemic. On Instagram, the chef declared his engagement to Harrington in November 2022.

Antoni Porowski and his partner, Kevin Harrington.Antoni Porowski and his partner, Kevin Harrington.
Image Source: Instagram

Tan France

Tan France (@tanfrance) has kept his love life quite simple when it comes to the Queer Eye cast dating. In 2007, he married the illustrator Rob France, whom he had met online. Early on, they made the decision to live together for the remainder of their lives. On a 2018 episode of Queer Eye, the interior designer said,

It was just a case of, ‘You know we’re going to get married one day, right? We had just agreed that it was going to happen… and we arranged the date!

Tan France and his partner, Rob France.Tan France and his partner, Rob France.
Image Source: Instagram

The Frances welcomed their son Ismail as their first child in July 2021, and they will become parents again through surrogacy in the summer of 2023. On the Milk Drunk podcast in April 2023, the Next in Fashion judge said, "Becoming dads has been our greatest joy, and we are so excited to grow our family with the help of our wonderful surrogate."

Bobby Berk

Without Bobby Berk's charming love story, a list of who the Queer Eye cast is dating would fall short. After moving to New York City, Berk (@bobby) began seeing oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dewey Do in May 2004. In June 2012, Dewey spring a surprise marriage proposal to Berk, which was followed by their marriage ceremony.

Bobby Berk and his partner, Dewey Do.Bobby Berk and his partner, Dewey Do.
Image Source: Instagram

However, due to their officiant's oversight in submitting the necessary documents, their wedding was declined by the law. Previously, Berk revealed the difficulties he faced to receive their marriage certificate saying,

We found out at the end of the year when we were like, ‘Why did we never receive our marriage certificate?’ that technically we weren’t married. We had to frantically run to the courthouse in downtown New York City to get married before the end of the year to make sure our taxes were filed properly.

Karamo Brown

Karamo Brown (@karamo) found out he had a son named Jason when he received a child support subpoena from a high school girlfriend he had dated before coming out as gay at the age of 16. Brown obtained full custody of Jason and later adopted his brother, Chris.

In May 2018, the Queer Eye cast proposed to his longtime lover Ian Jordan. Brown re-proposed in May 2020, but in September of that year, he stated he and Jordan had broken up after nine years of dating. Talking about their split, Brown explained,

We went to virtual counseling, we did a lot of things. But eventually, I was like, this is a moment where I need to decide, is my happiness important? And once I made that decision, I said, you know, we are going to have to break up.

Karamo Brown and his partner, Carlos Mendel.Karamo Brown and his partner, Carlos Mendel.
Image Source: Instagram

Brown made his relationship official with his new lover, photographer Carlos Mendel, on Instagram in July 2021. In an interview with Page Six in April 2023 Karamo expressed the desire to marry Mendel, saying, "I’m trying not to be the boyfriend that pressures while also dropping hints.”

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