Bad Vegan: Sarma Melngailis’ Net Worth of $1.5 Million Prior to Arrest!

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Bad Vegan: Sarma Melngailis' Net Worth of $1.5 Million Prior to Arrest!

Sarma Melngailis from Bad Vegan on Netflix boasted a net worth close to $1.5 million before she ended up in prison. Sarma is an American chef and was the owner of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck. Due to the downfall in her profit, Sarma Melngailis closed down both of her companies, however, as of today, using her rejuvenated net worth thanks to Netflix’s docuseries, Bad Vegan, Sarma is paying back all of her debts. Viewers wonder about Sarma Melngailis’ current job and net worth in 2022. Besides reading and hanging out with her dog, Sarma from Bad Vegan is working on a podcast.

Recently, a new Netflix docuseries, Bad Vegan was released on 16th March 2022. This docuseries followed the life events of the popular American chef, Sarma Melngailis. She was the owner and co-founder of two restaurants: Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck, located in New York, which mainly focused on selling vegan raw foods.

While the success was following her, an inconvenience down trained her profit margin, and she was unable to pay wages to her employees, espousing all the workers to leave her restaurant. Moreover, Sarma was compelled to close down her restaurants, and even plundered people’s money.

However, Netflix paid her money for Bad Vegan which was entirely based on Sarma’s life, and now, she has succeeded in paying all of her debts. With the show, people were curious to know Sarma Melngailis’ net worth. Do you know how much money did Sarma make?

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Sarma Melngailis’s Net Worth was $1.5 Million Before Her Arrest!

Bad Vegan, a new Netflix production, is a docuseries that features the life events of the American chef, Sarma Melngailis. The chef and businesswoman, Melngailis confronted a lot of ups and downs in her life, even leading her in the prison.

When Netflix caught its eyes on her life events, this streaming media decided to make a docuseries out of it, and thus, it was released on 16th March 2022.

Born on 10th September 1972 in Latvia, Sarma Melngailis (@sarmamelngailis) is a prominent American chef and businesswoman. Spending her childhood years in Newton, Massachusetts, she attended Newton North High School and gained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994.

Being born to her professional chef mother, Sarma developed a passion for cooking from a very young age, and with time, she decided to solely dedicate her professional field to it.

In 2015, Sarma along with two other people decided to open their restaurant, and thus, implementing their plan, they formed two restaurants: Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck, both located in New York, selling raw foods.

Prior to landing in prison, Sarma Melngailis’s net worth was close to $1.5 million. Also, it has been stated that the annual gross sales from Pure Food and Wine were around $7 million.

The business was running smoothly until a calamity hit her hard, and thus, the success rate automatically changed to loss, and the restaurant couldn’t attract profit, leaving all the employees unpaid.

Slowly, people started leaving her workplace, and eventually, Sarma forcefully shut down both of her restaurants.

With all these, Sarma Melngailis was living a life filled with debts, and had no other source but to take loans for her livelihood but all of her inconvenience faded away when Netflix made an offer on making a docuseries based on her life.

Sarma agreed to the offer, and now, she successfully paid back all of her debts from the income Netflix handed to her, which subsequently raised her net worth. There are many curious people wanting to know the exact amount of money she pocketed upon getting cast on Bad Vegan, but shockingly, Sarma didn’t take a single penny.

“The point is that, except for reimbursing former employees, I made no money from ‘Bad Vegan.’ This is something Netflix and/or the creators can confirm,” said Sarma on this matter.

Meanwhile, Sarma Melngailis’ precise net worth in 2022 remains a mystery. As for her current job, she seems busy reading books, hanging out with her dog Leo in her New York City home, and recording a podcast, presumably to shed further light on her story, judging by her Instagram activity.

Why was Sarma Melngailis from Bad Vegan Arrested?

The chef, Sarma Melngailis spent exactly 4 months in prison. According to the New York Times, she was found guilty of looting over $200,000 from an investor. In addition to this, she was also pled guilty to grand larceny, conspiring to defraud, and criminal tax fraud.

Not only Sarma, but also her husband, Anthony Strangis (@anthony_strangis) was imprisoned, and when she came out of jail, she divorced her husband, and today, she is living a decent life.

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