Bad Vegan Netflix Memes: Hilarious Reactions on Social Media!

Owen Weimann

Bad Vegan Netflix Memes: Hilarious Reactions on Social Media!

Netflix’s Bad Vegan presents a stupidly unbelievable narrative that is built on outlandish and preposterous lies and deception used as a weapon of manipulation by the perpetrator. Viewers found it next to impossible to sympathize. Instead, they are out there making memes about and reactions to Bad Vegan.

By now, you must know that Bad Vegan has taken over the internet, all for the wrong reasons. Netflix just hopped on the bandwagon and went with the trend of the documentary about fraud and scams and thought ‘oh, here’s another one’ and didn’t do its due diligence on the story.

Well, Netflix didn’t suffer seeing that Bad Vegan has become one of the most-watched shows since it came out. But what suffered is the reputation of Sarma Melngailis which already had taken a severe hit.

After the audience was done with her story of manipulation and entrapment in the web of such preposterous and unbelievable lies, people were not lining up to offer sympathy to her. Instead, we have hilarious memes and ironical and snarky reactions, which are just golden.

If you would rather not go through this whole ordeal alone, it’s for the best we have these memes and reactions for humor to go along with this show.

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Bad Vegan Memes and Reactions

Sarma meets a guy on Twitter who seems to be friends with Alec Baldwin, a frequenter of her restaurant. She falls in love with that guy Shane Fox who is really Anthony Strangis.

And to think she thought sharing a few interactions with Alec on Twitter is what gave Anthony the validity! She is a lost cause.

Anthony tells her he can make her dog immortal.

Even Voldemort, the most prodigiously dangerous wizard who marred his soul beyond redemption in an attempt to achieve immortality, lost his nose in the attempt and was ultimately killed by a 17-year-old’s simplest ‘Expelliarmus.’

Plus, Hogwarts has ghosts. Why would anyone think that they still have a chance? And Dumbledore scrunched his nose in disgust at the idea of immortality.

All she has to do is wire him money and so, she does exactly as she is told.

Yeah, why couldn’t she have trust issues like a normal woman?

He also takes all of her passwords to be secured by someone he knows from IT?

What in the fresh hell is this? You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know better!

Apparently, Sarma is very well-educated. Ironically, educated and believer in a dog being granted immortality are two words that can’t ever belong in the same sentence.

Veganism has nothing to do with the story. I wonder why they chose that name! Bad Liar seems more like it.

Aha, got you! She just went around with an alias just like Anthony, which had nothing to do with running away from the cops??  Yeah, we believe you!

Excuse me! I am an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania. I got a degree in Economics from the Wharton School. I could never stoop to being a lowlife like that. And if I did manage to pull off any fraud, I wouldn’t be caught. So, why would I be on the run?

Are you telling me that it’s NOT normal to come up with a fictitious name for self, play adult hide-and-seek with the cops, cover up tattoos and leave the state? I don’t have anything to hide. I am the victim here! I was tricked into thinking money could make my dog immortal.

Don’t believe it? I said I have a degree in economics, not in common sense and logic. – Sarma, definitely

After everything that happened, she is still talking to him and laughing while talking to him? And he’s not even funny.

Isn’t that right! That phone call was so self-sabotaging and damaging to the narrative they were trying to create. What did they think they were going to accomplish by including that phone call when they could have just done nothing about it?

If they were expecting the viewers to sympathize with Sarma even after that because she’s such a victim, then that is the biggest insult ever to the intelligence of the audience.

If only we could smack people through the screen!  – every Bad Vegan viewer probably

Would it be victim-blaming if people called her stupid? Maybe that’s the only way she will know that the viewers are not.

And why would anyone be in talking and laughing terms with the person who grossly manipulated them out of loads of money? Also, me, me, me! Far from taking accountability, she does not even begin to acknowledge the shit she put her employee and parents through. Ughh!! It’s so infuriating.

Sarma does not seem to be much conscious of her outfit and hair-do choice either, much like where she puts her money.

Always listen to Kelly. Maybe Sarma should have taken a leaf out of Kelly’s book and stuck to Anthony like Kelly stuck to her husband at The Office finale, which is to not.

Before you leave, check out Sarma’s net worth and the phone call at the end.

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