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Are Sam Mark and Aussie Chau Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

May 26, 2023 @ 5:46 EDT
Are Sam Mark and Aussie Chau Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

We don't think Sam Mark and Aussie Chau from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together. In addition to unfollowing each other on Instagram, the couple doesn't appear to be together in any other way.

The new season of The Ultimatum has arrived. The first four episodes of Kinetic Content's most recent Netflix dating series, The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which features five new couples consisting of women and non-binary individuals and is at a turning point in their relationship, were released on Wednesday, May 24.

Hosted by JoAnna Garcia Swisher, eight weeks are given to the couples in the show to make a significant life choice. One member in each partnership is prepared for marriage, while the other has reservations. Each participant selects a new partner for a three-week trial marriage after being given an ultimatum. Then, for three more weeks, they resume their previous relationship. Each original pair either walk away with their new partner, get engaged, or walk away alone.

Sam Mark (she/her) and Aussie Chau (Aussie) are one of the couples who are featured on the show as they both intend to finalize their relationship. Now that the first batch of episodes of the show has arrived on the streaming platform, many viewers are curious to know if Sam and Aussie are still together. Well, we've got you covered.

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From What We’ve Seen So Far, We Don’t Sam and Aussie Are Still Together: The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

Since both Sam Mark (@conscious.altruism) and Aussie Chau (@aussie_has_fomo) are not allowed to reveal their current relationship status until all the episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love premiere, all we can do is make speculation. And from what we've observed, we don't think Sam and Aussie are still together.

We believe Sam and Mark are not together anymore. blurred-reality.comWe believe Sam and Mark are not together anymore.
Image Source: Netflix Life

They do knot follow each other on Instagram. Although they gave off the impression of being romantically involved at Netflix's recent Pride event, their absence of engagement rings, lack of online connection, and lack of current similar interests all indicate they aren't.

Sam is probably currently only concerned with her work as a Certified Tarot Healer, Mental Health Advocate, and Supporter of the Conscious Altruism Movement, whereas Aussie is worried about both their personal and professional health.

However, we have to admit that both the Asian-American star and Sam worked hard to make the experiment a success in the hopes of eventually promising each other forever. They actually drifted apart rather than getting closer as a result of the adjustments they both underwent in their early trial marriages with their new partners, suggesting that their compatibility decreased.

This is because, at least based on their active social media accounts, it doesn't seem like they are connected in any way, shape, or form. There is no proof that they have communicated in any other way.

However, it is important to note that the given information is based solely on our speculation. We'll have to wait till the show ends to find out what the truth is. We promise we will get back to you as soon as we get any further updates about their current relationship status.

Is The Ultimatum: Queer Love Real or Scripted?

Since the main concept of The Ultimatum was initially revealed by the streaming behemoth that will serve as its home in March 2022, it has been categorically labeled as an unscripted reality series. It stays true to its original billing because the main distinction between this production and "Queer Love" is that all of the participants in the latter are either homosexual or bi women or are just non-binary people.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love is not scripted. blurred-reality.comThe Ultimatum: Queer Love is not scripted.
Image Source: THE Hollywood REPORTER

This actually shows that no setting or emotion was created by showrunners to make the willing cast appear any different from who they are in real life. In fact, the sincerity of each of the featured couples is clear from their social media accounts, especially given that each couple was truly linked before the filming (in 2021) and experienced problems.

Consider the relationship between Lexi Goldberg and Raelyn "Rae" Cheung-Sutton. The latter introduced the stunning blonde as her girlfriend on Instagram back in November 2018, and the former just recently said she hadn't emotionally processed anything that had happened before and during the photo session. In other words, given their rich past, it is quite likely that all of their claims, talks, and experiences in the series were genuine and unfiltered.

Before leaving, find out the pronouns of the cast members of the show.

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