Are Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

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Are Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

It seems Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together. A few things like following each other on Instagram, wearing a ring, and similar backgrounds in their Instagram reels indicate that they were able to work out problems between themselves.

Do you have any suggestions for what to do when your partner is determined that you marry them? You split up temporarily and get married to two other people who are in the same situation as you. Well, that’s what The Ultimatum on Netflix is all about.

On this season of The Ultimatum: Queer Love, five couples made up of nonbinary people and women separate into three-week relationships with one another to determine whether they want to end the experience single, married to the people they came with, or in some other way in love with the person they met less than a month earlier.

Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright, who have been dating for more than 3 years, are one of the couples who are on the show to decide their future. While Yoly wants to get married and settle down, Mal doesn’t. As a result, many viewers wonder if they are still together. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Even Though neither of Them Has Made Any Remarks, We Believe Yoly and Mal Are Still Together: The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

Since only 4 episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love have been released so far, we’re uncertain if any of the couples are still together. But from what we have observed from their social media, we think Yoly Rojas (@lolyredrum) and Mal Wright (@igobymal) are still together. It seems the couple was able to settle things between them.

We believe Yoly and Mal are still together. blurred-reality.comWe believe Yoly and Mal are still together.
Image Source: Distractify

Even if neither of them has revealed any information about their relationship status yet, there are a few indications spread throughout their individual profiles. In addition to following each other on Instagram, the aesthetics of the fit-check videos the two regularly share are also quite similar, and Mal can be seen wearing a ring in a few recent photos.

Additionally, Yoly and Mal last shared pictures in July 2021, just before they began filming The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Even though we’re unsure about their current relationship status, we can confirm that they are still present in one another’s lives. Mal was even featured in a Yoly-shared video from a Netflix pre-Pride Month party in May 2023.

Of course, that does not imply that they are still together. As we said earlier, it’s possible that Mal and Yoly are still close friends. But right now, everything about these two is speculation. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any confirmation about their relationship status.

Yoly and Mal’s Love Story: Here’s How They Met!

Yoly Rojas first met Mal Wright at Chicago Pride in the late 2010s, but their brief, unassuming chance meeting slowly developed into much more. The latter actually said, “She was a men’s stylist at Barneys at the time. I asked for her Instagram so I could continue asking for discounts at [the luxury store].” Due to their same fundamentals and morals, their friendship quickly developed into a committed relationship, but by the time mid-2021 rolled around, they were faced with a difficult decision.

Yoly and Mal have been dating for over 3 years. blurred-reality.comYoly and Mal have been dating for over 3 years.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Within these three years, Yoly and Mal had already survived a move to Seattle as well as a brief separation, but the latter’s hesitation to pop the question was quickly proving to be their undoing. That’s because, unlike the former, who was more than prepared to settle down, her partner, who was two years older and 36 at the time, preferred to wait until she was in a far better financial situation before moving forward.

They didn’t have this fixed idea that they would never want to start a family or have kids; they simply had a vision of what it should look like in their brains and a timeline to meet it. Mal explained,

It’s not about if I want to marry [Yoly]…I want to marry her, but I don’t necessarily feel like I’m in the place to provide for her like I want to provide.

However, they had another reason besides money (considering their future plans to undergo IVF) keeping them from trying as well; they were curious as to why Yoly picked them. Yoly said,

I knew her as a friend before I knew her as a lover. Every time she has talked about another lover, it’s been very similar [to how I am and how we are]… So I am just like, ‘Why? Why Me?

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