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Are Mildred Bustillo and Tiff Der Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

May 26, 2023 @ 3:27 EDT
Are Mildred Bustillo and Tiff Der Still Together? The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

Many people wonder if Mildred Bustillo and Tiff Der from The Ultimatum: Queer Love are still together. Well, we believe the couple is not together anymore since there is not a single piece of evidence that indicates that they're still in a relationship. 

The Ultimatum: Queer Love on Netflix follows five gay couples, where one of the lovers gave the other the choice to marry them or end their relationship. The couples are informed that they get one more night together before their breakup when they come with their current partner. Following that, each contestant has the opportunity to date every other new single on the program before deciding who they want to have a trial marriage with.

They will live with the person they select for a period of three weeks. They return to their initial lover after the three weeks have passed to check if there is still a spark or if their sentiments have changed. At the conclusion of the experiment, the partner who received the ultimatum chooses whether they wish to remain with their original partner, remain single, or marry the new partner they spent their trial marriage with.

Tiff Der (they/them) and Mildred Bustillo (she/her) have been dating for around 4 years now. While Mildred wants to get married and settle down, Tiff is unsure about the decision. As a result, Mildred issues an ultimatum. And now the question circulating on the Internet is, are they still together? Let's find it out.

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It Appears Mildred and Tiff Are No Longer Together: The Ultimatum Queer Love Update!

From what we can observe, we don't think Tiff Der (@tiff.der) and Mildred Bustillo (@mildredbustillo_) from The Ultimatum: Queer Eye are still together. There are a lot of indications that hint to us that the couple was not able to come to the same conclusion.

It appears Mildred and Tiff are not together anymore. blurred-reality.comIt appears Mildred and Tiff are not together anymore.
Image Source: Netflix Life

Because neither Tiff nor Mildred had relationships or romantic sentiments for their individual trial friends, we assume their own trial run would've begun with romance and spice. We also can't ignore the fact that throughout their time apart, a significant percentage of their initial problems weren't really resolved from the root, and as a result, they may have returned to their previous situation.

We're still trying to be positive because they really did love each other, but even their current social media activity suggests it's conceivable they've broken up permanently.

In addition to unfollowing each other on Instagram, there is no indication that Tiff and Mildred have stayed in touch in any other way, shape, or form. According to their personal accounts, they appear to no longer live connected lives because their closest friends no longer follow each other, they haven't been in the same place at the same time in months, and they don't have rings on their ring fingers.

Sincerely, it appears like Tiff is now wholly committed to their work as a personal coach, whereas Mildred is branching out as a mother, a Zumba instructor, and a traveler.

However, the given information is solely based on our speculation. There's a little hope about their reunion as Netflix never makes things so obvious, especially when it comes to reality series. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any confirmation from our sources.

A Quick Look at Mildred and Tiff’s Toxic Relationship!

Tiff first discovered Mildred on the Instagram hashtag "lesbian Latina" in 2019, only to quickly slide into her DMs to express their desire. The 32-year-old admitted, "I was lonely, single. I wouldn't say thirsty, but a little parched," not realizing Mildred was a divorcee, a single mother of a teenage son with special needs. But they were exactly the type of person the other needed at the moment, igniting a passionate love affair that led to their creating a blissful (but turbulent) life together.

Mildred and Tiff have been dating since 2019. blurred-reality.comMildred and Tiff have been dating since 2019.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

It was chaotic because Tiff and Mildred openly argued frequently, had serious communication problems, and broke up frequently before reuniting. It was toxic. The former was, therefore, deeply frightened about what marriage could bring, despite the fact that they had demonstrated their compatibility in bed and that their partner was more than ready for the next step.

The truth is that the situation was ideal for the two of them because Tiff was having difficulties determining whether Mildred wanted marriage with them or simply the notion of it. This is not to suggest that they both didn't struggle to get used to their new routine of seeking a "trial wife" because they did; rather, this method made them more aware of where they needed to improve.

Even though they were certain they'd have a lovely "trial marriage" with their choice, the former made it clear that they only wanted their first love when it came time to make a decision. Check out the streaming service to see what happens to their situation in the show.

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