Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram, Height & Reddit!

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Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram, Height & Reddit!

Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva from Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking Season 3 is a Delhi-based marketing and PR professional. The 31-year-old, who is 6 feet tall, claims that he has always gotten a lot of attention because of her height. While she chooses to date Tushar Tyagi, some Reddit users believe she deserves much more better. Follow to know more about her journey with her Instagram handle (@pavneetsachdeva).

Even though Love Is Blind may have come to an end, it’s time to get ready for yet another dating program. Sima Taparia, a marriage counselor who is popularly referred to by her clients as Sima Aunty, is making a comeback for Indian Matchmaking season 3 on Netflix to cast her romantic wand over both fresh and familiar faces.

The reality series, which explores the idea of arranged weddings in the current era of dating apps, provided fans with a binge-worthy treat when it premiered in 2020. Three years later, there are new singles from India and overseas, including London, Miami, and California.

Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva, one of the cast members of the latest season, has caught a lot of attention, even though she arrived in the penultimate episode. A lot of people are curious to know more about her, including her height. Well, let’s get started.

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Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva From Indian Matchmaking: The 6 Feet Tall Star Says She Has “Always Got a Lot of Attention” Because of Her Height!

Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva (@pavneetsachdeva) from Indian Matchmaking is a Delhi-based marketing and PR professional. Even though she didn’t make an appearance until the last episode the season 3, she was incomparably superior to Sima Aunty‘s other clients. The six-foot-tall woman, who is 31, introduced herself as “Daddy’s little tall girl,” noting that her height “always got a lot of attention.”

Pavneet Kaur is a marketing and PR professional based in New Delhi.Pavneet Kaur is a marketing and PR professional based in New Delhi.
Image Source: Instagram

Her height is a factor in Pavneet’s bad dating fate. She claims that while she prefers traveling alone and has “more work experience” than most of them, “guys are very conscious” about standing next to her.

I have felt the male ego a lot of times.

Aside from her encounters with toxic masculinity, Pavneet also described herself as an “alien to society” in India due to her increasingly old age and unmarried. She had previously used dating apps but gave up after finding several matches who gave her false information about their occupations and homes. She asked Sima Aunty for assistance in finding her a spouse because she wants him to be passionate, daring, imaginative, humorous, and, of course, tall. Additionally, Pavneet held to the hope that, as circumstances changed, her prospective husband would support “women doing more things independently.”

Pavneet provides Sima with her list of requirements when they first meet. Sima chooses Tushar Tyagi for her because he is self-made, tall, artistic, and a director. Sima also said he is extremely polite and has a good sense of humor.

Pavneet Kaur and Tushar Tyagi on their first date.Pavneet Kaur and Tushar Tyagi on their first date.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic 

In his confessional, Tushar admits that on his initial date with Pavneet, he experienced butterflies in the stomach. On the other side, she believed Sima did a fantastic job. The date, she continued, was “more than good.” They continued having conversations for three hours, so she felt enthusiastic about the match. Tushar ends the date by requesting Pavneet’s phone number. She confesses in a confessional that they had such a pleasant evening that even if he hadn’t asked for her number, she still would have given it to him.

Pavneet thought it was weird that Tushar didn’t contact her for more than a week even though he did eventually take her number. She later gets his message one day out of the blue. He told her that he mistakenly didn’t save her number.

It wasn’t something she saw as a “good sign.” When Pavneet was asked to meet with Tushar again, she wasn’t sure. Since she wasn’t sure if she should say yes, she wasn’t looking forward to the meeting. She didn’t want to assume anything about what had occurred or the reason he did it.

She also believes that everyone should have a chance at “clarity,” and she was interested in how things would play out. Both for her own benefit and so that she could inform Sima of their progress, Pavneet needed to know how things with Tushar were heading.

After what she considered to be a successful date, according to Pavneet, Tushar ghosted her. Tushar continued to apologize for being missing. As a poor texter, she thought he should apologize. She doesn’t appear very enthusiastic when Tushar mentions a third date. He then understands that he needs to ‘earn’ a third date. She observed that they were laughing and that the talk had gone smoothly, much like their first date. She finds Tushar’s sense of humor to be amusing. She then finally seemed relieved.

Pavneet asks Tushar where he thinks their relationship will go, and he responds. Tushar asks if she wants to explore it further and whether they’re on the same page. Tushar thinks the pair ought to continue dating and work on their connection. He shows an interest in knowing more about her. When Tushar observes Pavneet’s lack of interest in the proposal, she acknowledges that it is due to “something you did in the past two weeks.”

Therefore, it is unknown if Pavneet and Tushar are still dating. However, they still follow each other on Instagram. On the other hand, some Reddit users believe she deserves better than Tushar. One user wrote,

He was really good with rushali. Idk what happened with Pavneet. As pavneet said guys have told her they are intimidated by her. Maybe that’s the case again. Kya pata ab. But pavneet definitely deserves better.