Priya Ashra From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram, Ex-husband, Age, Birthday, Job!

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Priya Ashra From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram, Ex-husband, Age, Birthday, Job!

Priya Ashra from Indian Matchmaking Season 2/3 is a 35-year-old London-based chef who previously ended her marriage after her ex-husband betrayed her. While her birthday is yet to be revealed, you can find her on Instagram at (@priya.ashra).

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix is a reality series created by Smriti Mundhra that follows Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai, India. As the documentary progresses, viewers learn more and more about the factors involved in India’s traditional arranged marriage procedure. The show debuted in 2020 and has amassed a significant fan base during its duration. While some have criticized the show for allegedly pushing undesirable parts of India’s marriage industry, it remains popular among the general public.

Recently, Season 3 of the Netflix dating show debuted on April 21, 2023, with some new and familiar characters seeking assistance to find their lifetime spouses through the process of arrangement. Priya Ashra from Season 2 is also back for a proper display of her romantic life. Right below, we’ll tell you about her life in general and her Indian Matchmaking experience, both past and present.

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Priya Ashra From Indian Matchmaking Season 3: The 35-Year-Old Reality Star Is a London-Based Chef!

While we saw Priya Ashra (@priya.ashra), a London-based divorcee, in the dying moments of season 2 of Indian Matchmaking, it wasn’t until the newest episode that we really got to know her personal experiences. The 35-year-old reality star previously was in a relationship, but it ended with her calling it quits after nearly two years of marriage (11 years together) because her ex-husband betrayed her in more ways than one.

Priya, who holds a job as a chef, resolved to take some time for herself before returning to the realm of dating with a clear image of what she required in the long run, prompting her to seek matrimonial matchmaking.

Priya Ashra from Indian Matchmaking Season 2/3 holds a job as a chef.Priya Ashra from Indian Matchmaking Season 2/3 holds a job as a chef.
Image Source: Instagram

In the Netflix production, Priya Ashra, whose birthday is yet-tobe revealed, was open about her situation and said, “Whenever I go on dates, I always feel like I’m the person that brings the energy. I always find I attract these guys that are – – they are like energy vampires; they just sit there, and they take all your energy. You come out, you feel really depleted, but they feel great. So no energy vampires.” She then added traits like kindness, optimism, dependability, emotional maturity, and effective communication to her list of requirements, however, she did have one more: she wanted her suitor to be without bald spots.

Priya Ashra, who enjoys a little top knot action, was thrilled when Vimal “Vim” Kansara (@vim_kansara) entered the scene after she failed dates with Bobby Seagull and Jai Vasani. It’s not that the latter two men were bald, domineering, awful, or even insinuated by her history; it’s just that she felt no true spark with the former, despite the fact that he seemed promising. On the other hand, she was drawn to Vim from the start because of his hair, the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeves, and his offering her a safe space to chat in order for them to discover common ground.

But just a few days later, on their second date, Priya experienced a dramatic change as a result of his obvious sincerity and the way he made it apparent he wouldn’t be playing any games with her. Vim never hesitated to express his feelings for her, but the vulnerability this needed to worry her so much that she preferred to gradually withdraw to ponder things through. Sima Taparia (@simatapariaofficial) stepped in to aid, and she realized she not only owed her date an explanation, but she also didn’t want their time together to end.

Priya Ashra with Vimal "Vim" Kansara on their first dating.Priya Ashra with Vimal “Vim” Kansara on their first dating.
Image Source: Instagram

Priya Ashra realized how huge of a mistake she was about to make when she met with Vim to clear the air for good because the fellow Londoner wasn’t even unhappy about the issue. Instead, he thought about her past while listening to and understanding her full point of view before effectively expressing his interest because he didn’t want anything to be left up to speculation. In other words, he made it clear that, unlike her, he wasn’t going to run away from his feelings, and he also wasn’t going to let her run for as long as she did. Later, in the reality series, Priya stated,

[Vim’s] got lots of interests, and I really like that about him. He swims, he runs, he does gardening. I phoned him the other day and said, ‘What are you doing?’ and he said, ‘I’m just polishing my doorknobs.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool!’ He makes me laugh, honestly. Me and Vim, we’re never going to consistently be the same all the time…, but we have to be able to see that and support each other… We’ve gotta water each other, right?

But, based on their very active social media platforms, it doesn’t appear like Priya and Vim were able to make their romantic relationship work in the long run. As of this writing, neither the Tiku Tiku feeder/host nor the Cognizant Digital Strategy Manager had acknowledged or disputed this, but the fact that they are not following one another, let alone communicating via comments or likes, speaks loudly.

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