Kunal Dhawan, the Beatboxer, From Indian Matchmaking!

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Kunal Dhawan, the Beatboxer, From Indian Matchmaking!

Kunal Dhawan, the beatboxer, is probably one of the cast members of Season 4 of Indian Matchmaking (if renewed). While not much information is available about him right now, we do know that he and his partner previously made it to the semifinals of AGT because of their beatboxing skills.

Sima Taparia, a dedicated matchmaker, is back again with Indian Matchmaking Season 3 on Netflix. In the most recent batch of episodes, the Matchmaker continues to pair up lonely millennials seeking love.

Even though Season 3 of the reality series has gotten mixed reviews from reviewers and the general public, it provides an amusing depiction of the long-standing tradition of arranged marriages in India. The third season of the reality dating series premiered in April 2023. While many familiar faces were cast in the new season, we also get to get to know a few new cast members.

Indian Matchmaking’s third season came to a close with a sneak peek at the fourth. The teaser indicated that Gayatri Dhawan and her son Kunal Dhawan, the beatboxer who is probably going to steal the show, will be introduced to fans in Season 4. As a result, many people have been interested to know more about Kunal. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Kunal Dhawan From Indian Matchmaking: He Is a Professional Beatboxer Who Previously Made It to the Semifinals of AGT!

In Season 4 of Indian Matchmaking, it seems that Aunty Sima may have her job cut out for her, at least when it comes to Gayatri and her unmarried son, Kunal Dhawan (@kunal.dhawan). In a video that has already gone viral on social media, the vegan cook describes her son’s “swag.” With all the pride in the world, she describes her beatboxer son saying,

You can familiarize yourself with his personality to a degree by watching him on YouTube, he is a very good beatboxer. I know he likes someone who is preferably three years younger, I don’t know where the magic number three comes from.

Kunal Dhawan from Indian Matchmaming is a beatboxer.Kunal Dhawan from Indian Matchmaming is a beatboxer.
Image Source: Instagram

But if Sima’s expression is any clue, she is not at all impressed. Additionally, Kunal also made fun of his mother’s viral interview with the matchmaker on TikTok after Season 3’s release. He also let us all have a peek at his gift.

“I’ll save you all the hassle of going on YouTube to find the beatbox video. So here it is, enjoy,” he stated before uploading footage of his past appearance on Australia’s Got Talent. It turns out Kunal’s mother was accurate; he is actually quite talented.

Kunal Dhawan and his mother, Gayatri.Kunal Dhawan and his mother, Gayatri.
Image Source: Instagram

Hectic Beatboxing, his partner, and they played their song “Jak In the Box” on the program, finishing in the semifinals. We’ll have to wait for Season 4 to know about Kunal in-depth and what he does for a living these days.

Has Indian Matchmaking Been Renewed for Its Fourth Season?

Indian Matchmaking has not yet received a fourth-season renewal from Netflix as of this writing. Netflix frequently assesses a number of criteria before renewing a series, including the number of people who first watch it and the drop-off rates. Some television shows get quickly renewed or canceled. In other cases, Netflix may need a few months to determine whether or not to renew a show.

As one of the top 10 shows on Netflix India, the program is currently doing well. It is unknown whether Netflix would approve an Indian Matchmaking Season 4 at this moment. Viewers have flocked to the show despite past allegations that it engages in casteism and colorism.

Given everything, we predict that Indian Matchmaking will be renewed for a fourth season. After all, it even reveals the cast (Kunal) for the upcoming season at the end of Season 3. If the program, which is now one of the most popular Netflix reality series in India, were to terminate, we would be quite shocked.

Similar to how past seasons did, a fourth season is anticipated to continue the stories of a few returning customers while also introducing some of Taparia‘s new customers. As mentioned earlier, we anticipate that this will be renewed. However, we’ll make sure to update this post as soon as fresh details become available.