Nakysha Osadchey From Jewish Matchmaking: Reddit Update!

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Nakysha Osadchey From Jewish Matchmaking: Reddit Update!

Nakysha OsaDchey from Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking is a 27-year-old digital creator who loves riding a motorcycle. As Reddit users inquired, here’s her full journey on the show.

Jewish Matchmaking, which depicts the sublime affairs of the heart and the yearning for forevermore, follows the experiences of a group of singles from the United States and Israel who undertake a matchmaking attempt. Using the distinguishing characteristics of individuals, famous matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom matches singles who may be a good match for one other.

The Netflix reality TV show takes a distinctive slant on love and marriage under Shalom’s experienced gaze and within the framework of the traditional practice of shidduch.

We get a personal look at what romance is like in the namesake group thanks to Netflix’s dating program living up to its title and its original parent production in every way imaginable. Among them was Nakysha Mays-Osadchey, so if you’d want to learn more about her and her relationship with potential lover Evan Carmusin, we’ve got the information for you.

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Nakysha Osadchey Is a Digital Creator Who Has a Passion for Riding a Motorcycle: Jewish Matchmaking Update!

Nakysha Osadchey (@sachithemixedjew) first appeared in Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking with her sparkling eyes and captivating smile, and it was clear she was a strong independent lady looking for a true love connection. That’s because she’d tried dating on her own before, only to find that most guys fetishized her because of her skin tone as a half-back Kansan or her Jewish faith.

The truth is that this 27-year-old grew up in a reformed household that celebrated all High Holidays, but joining a youth group as a teen changed her life, and she’s now rather devout.

Nakysha Osadchey’s beliefs have evolved over time, which is why one of the first things she looked for in a soulmate was that he be a practicing Jew, but not Orthodox. At one point in the series, she remarked, “Ideally, I’d like to celebrate Shabbos with my partner. …I like to go for Shabbat dinner every Friday, [yet] I don’t go for prayer ’cause I don’t read Hebrew.” Then there’s the fact that she wants to raise a secure, stable, and healthy family, so his being kind, kind, loving, child-focused, and comfortable with her possessing a pistol was also crucial to her.

Nakysha Osadchey from Jewish Matchmaking is a digital creator by profession.Nakysha Osadchey from Jewish Matchmaking is a digital creator by profession.
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Aside from these, Nakysha Osadchey hoped her companion would not be from Kansas, be physically fit, and never stop her from riding her motorcycle — the latter being an issue for her. She’s actually firm on this because she previously let certain men walk all over her and is now determined not to tolerate it; that’s also why she eventually decided to start dating inside her community. Thus, the first Jewish man she ever dated was Actor/Model Ryan Mitchell, who ended things amicably before they could even begin because he didn’t feel a romantic spark.

Later, Aleeza Ben Shalom (@aleezabenshalom) referred Nakysha to 37-year-old North Carolina-based Wedding DJ Evan Carmusin (@djmoose315) because she thought his upbeat nature would be a good fit for her. And she was right; the two clicked almost immediately after meeting on their first date at the Original Selfie Museum in Miami, Florida, where they really got to know each other.

In fact, they managed to discuss everything within hours, whether it was their tattoos, favorite house duties, future expectations, or familial plans, to close their night on a cautiously optimistic note. Following their time together, Nakysha stated candidly before adding,

[Evan] brought me flowers! I’ve never had a guy do that on a date, and… I freaking love it. Oh, I’m feeling really giddy. This date did go super well, and I feel like Aleeza nailed this one. He’s honestly everything I feel like I’ve been looking for. We seem to like match up perfectly, like a puzzle. And he has hair, so I’m just super excited. In the future, I’m hoping to see that maybe we flourish. I’m excited to see what happens, but I really think we’re going to get along great.

Nakysha Osadchey and Evan Carmusin on their first date.Nakysha Osadchey and Evan Carmusin on their first date.
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Despite the fact that Nakysha and Evan appeared to be smitten from the start, it doesn’t appear that they were able to turn their dates into a full-fledged romance. And according to some Reddit users, neither the Kansan Digital Creator nor the North Carolinian Wedding DJ/Grocery Store Manager has verified or disputed this, but the fact that they don’t even follow each other on Instagram seems sufficient evidence. The cause for their alleged split could be long-distance, or it could be a difference in ideologies (thus compatibility), but everything is and will remain conjecture from our end until they declare their status.