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Adi From Jewish Matchmaking (Matchmaker): Find Her on Instagram!

May 5, 2023 @ 2:50 EDT
Adi From Jewish Matchmaking (Matchmaker): Find Her on Instagram!

Adi from Jewish Matchmaking (Matchmaker) was Ori Basly's first date, however, things between them ended after both of them confessed that they didn't feel any connection. Keep reading to find Adi on Instagram.

Although every relationship requires consistent hard work, there is no denying that it is made a little bit easier for couples who share similar cultural, traditional, religious, and spiritual backgrounds. Jewish Matchmaking on Netflix is a great example of this, as it follows singles from the US and Israel as they look for love within their community.

This reality dating show is intended for Jewish contestants who intend to say "I do" at the chuppah in the near future. We sincerely hope that they find love with a little help from professional matchmaker, Aleeza Ben Shalom.

Adi, who was Ori Basly's first date in the show, has gained a lot of attention from many viewers. As a result, many people are curious to know more about her, including her Instagram handle. Well, we've got you covered.

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Both Adi and Ori Decided to Part Ways as They Didn’t Have Feelings for Each Other: Jewish Matchmaking (Matchmaker) Update!

While we do know that Adi from Jewish Matchmaking (Matchmaker) is an Israeli-born actress, who recently moved to L.A., we're unaware of what her full name is. Similarly, her Instagram is nowhere to be found. It seems she is currently struggling to make a name for herself in the acting field. Now let's talk about her time in the show and what happened to her relationship with Ori Basly.

Ori joined the Netflix show with the intention of getting married. But he had an endless list of demands. In one of the episodes, Ori admitted that he had tried to navigate Los Angeles using JSwipe, Tinder, and Bumble. However, he found nobody. Ori was looking for a blonde, blue-eyed, Hebrew-speaking, family-oriented woman. He wanted his partner to move in with the family since he was living with his parents. Ori also desired to quickly begin a family of his own, with at least three children.

Aleeza paired Ori with Adi after taking into account all of his expectations. Ori went on a couple of dates with Adi even though she was not even near to his ideal blonde-haired, blue-eyed, family-oriented beauty. He didn't feel "the spark," so he later made the decision to consider other possibilities. The focus of Ori and Adi's first date was getting to know one another. Ori tried to learn more about Adi during their lunch date.

Ori admitted to producers that he was "not ashamed to say" that he wanted to have s*x with her despite her dark features. They both decided to meet up again for a horseback riding date even though they seemed to be having second thoughts about their connection. But everything changed after their second date. While riding horses, Ori and Adi acknowledged that they have no feelings for one another.

Both Ori and Adi didn't have feelings for each other.Both Ori and Adi didn't have feelings for each other.
Image Source: Bustle

Adi also mentioned that she does not see herself starting a family anytime soon, which upset Ori because he wanted to start a family right now. However, Ori acknowledged in a conversation with his friends that he would not compromise on looks since Adi's looks didn't meet his expectations. Aleeza assured him she would do her best to find him a new match, but she also made sure to advise him to give a person's personality just as much weight as their appearance.

Following Adi, Aleeza paired Ori with 25-year-old attorney Karin. She had lighter hair, stunning eyes, and, as Ori had wished, strong parental ties to Israel. During their first date, Ori and Karin struck up an immediate connection and had an open discussion about their values and expectations. During a confession, Ori exclaimed, "She's so f******g beautiful. My gosh...The fact that she speaks Hebrew, and she’s hot, and she's sexy, and she's smart, and she's all this, I got a little bit nervous."

Interestingly, Karin acknowledged that she felt the same way and said that she felt the similarities between them. She further added, "I feel like the hard work of waiting for the right person... I feel like I'm manifesting it. I mean, it's just the first date, but still."

Ori and Karin both liked each other a lot.Ori and Karin both liked each other a lot.
Image Source: Netflix

Even though they only went on for a few dates, Ori and Karen felt a connection and might think about moving forward. But Ori and Karin both largely avoid bringing attention to their private lives. Additionally, Ori keeps his Instagram private and only occasionally posts updates on his Facebook. But we hope that Ori has found his true love.

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