Kevin Wenstob’s Age, Net Worth, Parents & More: Wikipedia of the Big Timber Cast!

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Kevin Wenstob’s Age, Net Worth, Parents & More: Wikipedia of the Big Timber Cast!

Big Timber on Netflix has garnered a lot of popularity for Kevin Wenstob, however, his age and date of birth are yet to be discovered. While his parents are also someone we’re totally unaware of, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2022. Follow the article to know more about Kevin Wenstob with his complete Wikipedia.

Big Timber on Netflix, set on Vancouver Island‘s hilly topography, follows the people associated with Wenstob Timber Resources. The Wenstob family owns the business, which is one of the only remaining family-run forestry operations in the area.

Kevin Wenstob, the patriarch, is in charge of locating high-quality timber from the mountains, while Sarah Fleming, his wife, is in charge of running the sawmill. Coleman Willner and Erik Wenstob (Kevin and Sarah’s son) are also essential to the operation of the business.

The Wenstob family and the rest of the staff work extremely hard to obtain high-quality material from sustainable sources and maintain their way of life as one of the remaining operating sawmills in the area. The Wenstobs face a number of challenges on their logging expedition, which they make every effort to overcome.

Kevin has a lot on his shoulders as the owner and the leader of Wenstob Timber Resources as he works to keep the business going. As a result, many viewers are seeking more information about him, including his age, parents, early life, and more. Well, let’s find it out right below.

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Kevin Wenstob From Netflix’s Big Timber: Age, Net Worth, Parents & More!

With the release of the brand-new reality series, Big Timber, Kevin Wenstob has recently attracted notice. It premiered on History Channel Canada for the first time in October. The series was shot between September 2019 and January 2020.

Since Kevin Wenstob has always supported sustainable forestry, he disagrees with many environmentalists who think it is impossible to harvest wood in a sustainable manner. Given the challenges involved, his high return is justified; the Big Timber episodes make clear that the logging industry is not without its challenges.

When he was a teenager, Kevin Wenstob had a job cleaning dishes, which he never wanted to do again. He has been supplying commercial and industrial equipment in Sooke, British Columbia, on his own for twenty years now. The owner of a sawmill who benefits from the tree business, Kevin, has a net worth of $1 million.

However, his parents and place of birth are still a mystery. Additionally, Kevin Wenstob’s age is unknown. Despite the fact that Kevin became popular with the release of Big Timber, nothing is known about his early private life. We’ll surely inform you as soon as we get any updates about his age, parents, and early life.

The Wenstobs had challenges in season 2 on Netflix that viewers witnessed as they attempted to secure their new claim. Kevin and others were unable to reach the area they intended to log since the region was further up the mountain and the snow had not melted in time. Kevin and the team made every effort to have enough wood on hand to pay the potential million-dollar fine.

It appears that Kevin Wenstob (@wenstobtimber) is benefiting from his involvement in the reality series. Kevin is thrilled about the attention he has received thanks to another season of Big Timber on Netflix, as his company celebrates the release of a new season.

Kevin Wenstob and Sarah Fleming were very pleased when season 1 of the resulted in a notable rise in orders from all over the world. The couple undoubtedly hopes that the second season will broaden their popularity even more. However, it appears that Kevin’s legal situation from season one’s filming has not been settled. In October 2021, Kevin told to Business Examiner that the matter was ongoing. He explained,

“There were no allowances for finding the legacy trees on the plot, and no time was added to the contract for them. We didn’t get it harvested according to the contract because of it, and the Minister denied our explanation… then we were given a stumpage bill for product we weren’t able to harvest.” 

We’re hoping that the Wenstobs can work things out so they can return for Season 3 of Big Timber.

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