Big Timber Season 3: Release Date, Netflix Cast, Trailer & More!

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Big Timber Season 3: Release Date, Netflix Cast, Trailer & More!

Netflix’s Big Timber show has grabbed the attention of viewers, and now that we are aware of season 2, fans have developed curiosity regarding the likelihood of a season 3, as season 2 is getting good reviews. In Big Timber Season 3, Tom Verbruzze and Kevin’s right-hand man, Coleman Willner, are anticipated to return. On the other hand, new employees and visitors may anticipate seeing quite a few new faces. Go through the article to learn more about Big Timber’s season 3 release date, trailer, cast, and more!

Viewers can gain insight into the operations of the forestry sector on Vancouver Island thanks to the Netflix show Big Timber. One of the few locally owned and operated sawmills is Winston Timber Resources.

The reality program chronicles the Wenstobs’ and those nearby’s management of their company. Fans may watch as the workers overcome problems brought on by working in a rocky area. The work is as dangerous as it seems since loggers must cross dangerous terrain to harvest high-quality wood.

The sincerity of the program is widely praised, and viewers laud its gripping plot. The reality show’s fans are speculating about a season 3 now that season 2 has started on the network. Investigate to learn more.

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Big Timber Season 3: Release Date, Netflix Cast, Trailer, Reviews Explored!

The journey of Wenstob Timber Resources and its staff is chronicled in the Netflix show Big Timber. One of the few independent mining businesses on Vancouver Island, the company is run by a family.

Viewers get a glimpse inside the operations of a less well-known industry as the reality show goes on. The diligent loggers in the series face a variety of challenges, some natural and some bureaucratic, but they never give up and do their best to keep the operation continuing.

The show depicts the population’s daily activities and gives the internal incidents some color. A Canadian reality television program that depicts the lives of working professionals is called Big Timber. Each episode of Big Timber is directed by a different person. However, Shawn Viens and Chris Wyatt were responsible for most of the episodes’ exceptional work. The editing team did a fantastic job of transforming the series into a distinctive yet varied portrayal.

Big Timber ran for almost a year and had eighteen episodes up to this point, all of which were forty-two minutes long. Furthermore, even though a significant portion of Canada’s population speaks French, Big Timber Media created and distributed the series in English. The first episode of the series aired on October 8, 2020, and ended on December 9, 2021.

Season 2 of Big Timber debuted on the Canadian History Channel in October 2021. However, on July 13, 2022, Netflix made it completely accessible. The second season consists of eight enjoyable episodes, with a length of 41 to 43 minutes on average.

We regret to tell you that Big Timber’s third season renewal on the History Channel has not yet been confirmed. The release date, cast, and trailer for season 3 have not yet been determined. Fans shouldn’t give up hope, though, as a third season is still very much a possibility. A network decides how significant a show is based on viewership statistics, and Big Timber not only has a devoted fan base but also is unique and incredibly entertaining.

Season 2 of the show is getting good reviews. As a result, there is a strong likelihood that the network will approve the novel reality series shortly. If Big Timber is renewed, season 3 is scheduled to debut in July 2023, which will be great to watch.

Because the third installment of Big Timber is likely to focus on their enormous logging company, we can be sure that Kevin Wenstob and his wife, Sarah Fleming, will be there. Both of their kids, chief mechanic Erik Wentob and Millhand Jack Wentob, are expected to travel with them.

The lives of certain workers in the timber generating business are followed in the television series. It is how they make the money they need to support their family daily. These jobs, however, differ from other jobs in a few ways. The first is that it requires a lot of hard work and patience and is not at all like a white-collar job.

Additionally, the task necessitates physical stamina and the capacity to weigh up any obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishment. Given that they will have to put themselves in risky situations, it might even be fatal. It will be quite challenging to transport some landforms and process the forests that must be taken from these locations.

Key cast members are also slated to return if season 3 is confirmed, including grapple yard operator Tom Verbruzze and Kevin’s right-hand man, Coleman Willner (@colemanwillner). On the other hand, fans may anticipate seeing a lot of new faces because the mill routinely hires new personnel to keep the business running smoothly.

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