Kevin Wenstob’s Net Worth: The Big Timber Lead Cast Has a Net Worth of $1 Million!

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Kevin Wenstob’s Net Worth: The Big Timber Lead Cast Has a Net Worth of $1 Million!

Kevin Wenstob, the leading cast of Netflix’s Big Timber, has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2022. Kevin has a wood company and runs a family business on Vancouver Island. However, his house and other properties have yet to be revealed. Follow the article to know about Kevin Wenstob’s net worth in detail.

Big Timber, a Netflix series, follows Kevin Wenstob, his family, and the workforce of Wenstob Timber Resources. One of the remaining independent wood companies on Vancouver Island is the family-run business. The viewers are given a thorough explanation of the risk and devotion that go into logging thanks to the long experience of the company and its employees.

Kevin Wenstob, the head of the Wenstob family, maybe the most significant person on the show. Kevin has a lot of duties as the owner and leader of Wenstob Timber Resources as he works to maintain the sustainability of the company.

Kevin is, indeed, a successful person already. However, he seeks more opportunities every day. Similarly, many viewers of the show wonder about his net worth. How much is it? Well, let’s find it out right below.

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Kevin Wenstob’s Net Worth: How Much Is the Lead Cast of Netflix’s Big Timber Worth?

Given Kevin Wenstob‘s substantial logging operation and his recent success as a reality TV star, we may estimate his current net worth to be around $1 million. However, we can confidently state that the number will rise in the near future as his company continues to achieve achievement after success.

Kevin was introduced to the logging industry at a very young age while growing up in Robber’s Pass on Vancouver Island. Additionally, Kevin’s close-knit background helped him form a strong connection with his family; he was especially close to his brother Tim. Although viewers would be shocked to learn that Kevin had tried his hand at a different sector, he is presently a well-known and trusted face in the logging industry.

Sarah Fleming noted during the show that Kevin and his brother, Tim, co-owned a tugboat and towing business. However, Tim tragically died when his boat capsized as it was transporting cedar goods down the coast, and Kevin found it extremely difficult to accept and deal with the tragedy.

Currently, Kevin Wenstob runs a sawmill on Vancouver Island that sells wood valued at tens of thousands of dollars each year. It’s interesting that the sawmill is a family-run business, with Sarah overseeing the business dealings and Kevin overseeing the logging operations.

On the other hand, Erik and Jack Wenstob, are their sons and work as the lead mechanic and a millhand, respectively. Kevin, however, relies heavily on Coleman Willner, his right-hand man, to handle the majority of the job because it is hard for four individuals to manage such a large organization. For daily operations, the mill also hires a diverse group of skilled millhands, scalers, yarder operators, and loggers.

On the show, Kevin noted that while a log of wood typically costs $10,000, the severely damaged ones are frequently offered at a discount. On the other hand, the price of a great log with a lot of usable wood can go up to $25,000.

Kevin Wenstob looks to be doing this difficult profession despite the risks but his high pay justifies it. Canadian workers at small sawmills make about $66,500 per year. In addition, Webston Timber has a sizable sawmill. They alone earn more than $73,000 from the wood sector.

A crew member’s annual salary could range from $56,000 to $84,000 depending on their rank. Loggers typically work for around a year, but even with the short job tenure, it still provides a respectable financial profit. Given the difficulties, this high return is appropriate; viewers of the Netflix series may see that the logging industry has its challenges.

While these numbers are excellent, viewers should keep in mind that Kevin Wenstob spends thousands of dollars on buying and maintaining his equipment, in addition to a lump sum payment for the crew’s salaries. Nevertheless, Kevin continues to make a respectable income from various sales and agreements, and his own TV show provides an additional source of revenue.

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