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Those who liked Timber Kings will probably appreciate this one as well. The forthcoming reality series Big Timber takes us to Kevin Wenstob‘s enterprise.

With his family, the seasoned lumber specialist resides on Vancouver Island. He’s ready to make millions of dollars if he and his faithful crew can deliver hundreds of tons of wood by navigating the treacherous slopes of Klitsa Mountain.

The streaming behemoth has hundreds of documentary shows and reality shows in its collection. Those that focus on small happenings differ from those that welcome viewers to spectacular moments that occur in our lives.

Big Timber, the next title, is a mix of the two, as it focuses on an uncommon vocation with quite difficult working circumstances.

Due to the harsh conditions and natural challenges provided by Vancouver’s deep forests and mountains, the project may as well fail. Kevin and his crew must supply the woods prior to the deadline in order to salvage their company.

By the way, we’re talking about 200 truckloads of fairly hefty lumber. Carrying them up a mountain is no simple task. So Kevin Wenstob, his wife Sarah Fleming, their son Erik Wenstob, and the devoted worker Coleman Willner will attempt to complete this incredibly difficult job.

Big Timber on Netflix

Big Timber transports fans to Canada’s Vancouver Island. The story follows Kevin Wenstob, a sawmill owner, and his dedicated team as they attempt at taming Vancouver’s natural forests.


Kevin Wenstob is married to his wife Sarah Fleming. The couple stars in the Netflix reality series Big Timber.


Kevin Wenstob is yet to reveal his age and birthday.

Kids / Son

Kevin and Sarah share two kids named Erik Wenstob and Jack Wenstob.

Net Worth

Kevin Wenstob’s net worth is currently under review.


Kevin Wenstob has been a logger and sawmill operator his entire life. He and his spouse, Sarah Fleming, run Wenstob Timber Resources, one of Vancouver Island’s last independent sawmill and logging enterprises.


Wenstob does not have an official Instagram account.

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