KC Joy Killer from Worst Roommate Ever: Kwang Chol Joy’s Untold Truth!

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KC Joy Killer from Worst Roommate Ever Kwang Chol Joy's Untold Truth!

KC Joy is a serial killer from Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix. Kwang Chol Joy is sentenced to 15 years for the murder of Maribel Ramos. Although KC Joy tried his best in escaping from the guilt, karma didn’t leave him, and now, he has been spending his years in prison. Belonging to Korean ethnicity and American nationality, Reddit users wonder about killer K.C. Joy’s wiki, age, birthday, and Wikipedia page. Kwang Chol Joy from Worst Roommate Ever was close to Maribel Ramos’ sister and family.

One of the ongoing American docuseries, Worst Roommate Ever premiered on 1st March on Netflix with a total of five episodes. These five episodes have different stories and elucidate five different criminals, highlighting how they killed innocent people, and every other delinquent action. All these five episodes have different cast members, and the plot is also totally different.

Just within the days of its release, the documentary series has been loved by the audience, and now, people are keen to know what exactly happened in the reality and are eager to know about the killers.

In Worst Roommate Ever, one of the episodes depicts the life story of KC Joy, and how he ended up being one of the serial killers. Let’s get to know more about KC Joy Killer, covering updates on his time in prison, and the number of people he murdered in his lifetime.

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KC Joy from Worst Roommate Ever: Where is the Killer Now?

Worst Roommate Ever, Netflix production, released its five episodes on 1st March 2022. This particular American reality true documentary depicts the four heart-wrenching stories created by the roommates who tend to look absolutely harmless until they divulge their real face, and kill numerous people for their personal gain.

KC Joy has been featured on Worst Roommate Ever, and the episode elucidates every small detail of how this killer ended up murdering his own roommate.

In 2008, the 36-year-old Iraq Veteran, Maribel got discharged, and she shared a room with KC in California. Both of them lived together in an apartment in Orange, California.

While they lived together, suddenly, Maribel went missing, and when her family couldn’t contact her, they immediately informed the police. The cops went to Joy’s apartment, and when he was asked about Maribel, KC divulged how Maribel hadn’t come to the apartment from the last evening.

Looking into her call details, the cops found out that the last call was with her boyfriend, Paul. When Paul was questioned on Maribel’s death, he told that Maribel had an argument with her roommate, KC Joy as he didn’t pay the rent of the month, and how she wanted to expunge him from her apartment.

After hearing out Paul, the cops investigated KC and the whole evidence was hinting towards him, however, with the cunning mind, and trying to escape from the guilt, KC admitted to having the argument but after that, he fabricated how he went to drive at 9 pm, and when he returned back, Maribel had vanished.

Police didn’t trust him completely and kept an eye on him. KC visited the library to access the internet, and in one of his visits, the cops tracked his activity and brought the whole case to an end.

While at the library, KC searched up the time for a body to decay and then used the map to view a desolate location in Modjeska Canyon. Upon reaching this location, the police found Maribel’s decomposed body, eventually leading to KC Joy getting arrested.

Kwang Chol Joy: What Happened to KC Joy?

Although all the evidence hinted towards KC Joy being guilty, in July 2014, KC stood for a trial, and on his defense, it was claimed that Maribel dealt with paranoia and may have been suicidal.

Moreover, they added that there’s a high possibility that Maribel might have died of a medical condition or killed herself.

As it is said, no matter how much people try on hiding the truth, it ultimately comes out. Later, KC Joy was found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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