Youssef Khater from Worst Roommate Ever: Where is He Now in 2022?

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Youssef Khater from Worst Roommate Ever: Where is He Now in 2022?

Youssef Khater from Worst Roommate Ever is a serial killer whose criminal activities have been premiering as a true-crime documentary episode titled Marathon Man on Netflix. Youseff Khater has been lost since 2018. As of now, there’s no information on where Youssef Khater is residing today in 2022 and what he is up to now. Meanwhile, Reddit queries surround Youssef Khater’s blog, Instagram, Facebook, birthday, sister, website, age, Costa Rica, Denmark, Chile, 2021, and family.

The American true-crime documentary, Worst Roommate Ever, premiered on 1st March with a total of five episodes. Changing five different murder stories into a reality show, Netflix strategized its best in alluring a plethora of people into binge-watching the show, along with bringing hefty profit to the production team.

Among the five episodes of Worst Roommate Ever, the third episode, Marathon Man features the life and the delinquent activities done by Youssef Khater. Khater’s criminal activities cannot be put into a single list, and his fraudulent behavior in conning out innocent people’s hard-earned money for his personal use had imprisoned him several times.

Seems like, more than being obnoxious for the punishment, Youssef Khater got too habitual in getting imprisonment. So, what is Youssef Khater doing now?

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Youssef Khater from Worst Roommate Ever: What is He Doing Now?

Youssef Khater is one of the cast members of Netflix’s new real crime documentary series, Worst Roommate Ever.

Typically, this series highlights four harrowing stories of roommates who appeared to look innocent until they showed into real-life nightmares for their innocent victims via their delinquent and violent actions.

Khater was introduced on the third episode of Worst Roommate Ever, and the entire episode is just dedicated to his fraudulent actions, and the crimes he has committed so far. He is a Danish man of Lebanese origin. Serving a decade in the Lebanese military, Khater’s life was running smoothly until he was caught for frauding, and therefore, was kicked out of the military.

Trying to create a fresh beginning to his life, Youssef Khater expunged his original identity and adopted the identity of a Palestinian marathon-runner. In 2000, he commenced a campaign, pretending to collect funds for the sports city in Dubai.

As the trip sounded tempting, myriads of people donated thousands of dollars and were teeming with exhilaration for the trip.

Little did those innocent people know that it wasn’t a campaign for a trip, rather, it was a trap in conning out their money. On the day, they had to leave for Dubai, Youssef fabricated how his house was set on fire, and the fund that was raised for the trip turned to ashes.

The concerned authorities blamed him for plundering and creating excuses to hide his guilt. However, before they could take any legal actions against him, Youssef flew to Denmark.

Continuing his trap in money-making, he convinced people in the same way and allured millions of dollars, making his way in escaping from the guilts. Youssef wasn’t just confined to looting people’s money, conversely, he tried murdering many people to save himself from all the debts.

While he was in Santiago, he shared a bedroom with his roommates, and his fake personality was loved by those people, and thus, they blindly trusted him.

Along with trust, they allowed Khater to borrow their money too. However, when those people demanded their money back, rather than paying debts, Youssef tried killing those innocent people.

As of now, there is no information on Youssef Khater. He just randomly vanished in 2018, and nobody knows where, and what he has been doing now.

Khater is always known for committing crimes, and escaping from the punishment that comes with it, thus, seems like he is living a life with a new identity.

How Many Times was Youssef Khater Arrested?

In 2011, Youssef Khater was found guilty of murder but was sentenced to jail for 541 days. While the imprisonment duration was far longer than these many days, Youssef ended up making his way to escaping away from his guilt.

Later, he was again arrested for his conning out people’s money, and at that time, he spent exactly 61 days in prison. In 2014, Khater was again arrested for seducing a lady in Costa Rica.

While as of now, he should have been spending his time in prison, he is freely living faking his identity, and literally, everyone is oblivious about his whereabouts.

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