Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever: Where is He Now?

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Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever: Where is He Now?

Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever was imprisoned several times for his fraudulent actions in conning out people’s money. Later, Jamison was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his own brother/family Harry Bachman in Elkins Park. So, what is he doing now? Netflix viewers and Reddit users wonder about the serial squatter Jed Creek aka Jamison Bachman’s Wikipedia, death, obituary, birthday, Harry’s wife Caroline Bachman, and homeowner Sonia Acevedo.

Netflix‘s pre-exclusive American true-crime documentary series, Worst Roommate Ever depicts five different stories of five different roommates who appeared to look harmless until they revealed their true color, and killed many innocent people.

This American documentary has acted as eye-opening to all people on how careful one should be while sharing an apartment with someone.

This American series has a total of five episodes, and all of these episodes were released on the same day, 1st March 2022. Typically, each episode has a different plotline and depicts the life and the journey of a particular serial killer.

Among those episodes, one is fully dedicated to describing the life and the murders that were done by Jamison Bachman. So, what is Jamison Bachman doing now? Is he dead or is he living in a prison?

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Jamison Bachman from Worst Roommate Ever: What is Serial Squatter Jed Creek Doing Now?

With a total of five episodes, Netflix changed five different real murder stories into a documentary series, and since all these five stories had a similarity of a roommate killing another roommate, the series was named, Worst Roommate Ever.

The series released all of its five episodes on 1st March 2022 and has allured many people into watching the show.

According to what the series has shown, Jamison Bachman aka Jed Creek spent his childhood years enduring many difficulties. Children are to be loved and admired but it was quite different for Bachman.

Rather than being filled with unconditional love and having cheerful childhood years, Jamison Bachman’s father was a violent monster, who would pour his rage onto Jamison and his mother.

Growing up in an abusive house adversely affected his life, and he completely changed from being a kind-hearted person to an emotionless one. Also, in 1976, he eye-witnessed a murder, and that incident never left his head.

In 2005, Jamison Bachman met Arleen, a woman who resided in Queens, New York. Eventually, they felt attracted towards each other, leading both of them to fall in love. Jamison then shifted to Arleen’s apartment and they were in a living relationship.

Things were going smoothly until their landlord asked them to pay their rent, Jamison never paid any bills, and he made it seem like all the expenditure was the sole responsibility of Arleen.

Being tired of Jamison Bachman’s behavior, both the landlord and Arleen called the cops. When the cops came to their apartment, playing the victim card, Jamison blamed how Arleen was trying to kill him with a knife.

Being fed up with Jamison’s annoying behavior, Arleen herself left the apartment. Later, in 2012, Jamison shared his apartment with Sonia and treated her the same like that he did to Arleen. They fought verbally and always had disagreements as he always denied paying his rent.

In 2017, upon noticing Alex Miller’s advertisement for a tenant, Jamison Bachman applied for it and met Alex at a local Starbucks before bringing him home.

Revolving the cycle again, Bachman did try the same trick on Alex too, and the story starts when he refused to pay for the utility bills, which consequently led Alex to put a restraining order against him. However, Bachman didn’t follow the order and was arrested.

Is Jamison Bachman Imprisoned or Is He Dead?

Jamison Bachman was imprisoned for his fraudulent way of money-making, however, his elder brother bailed him out. Later, on 4th November 2017, when the cops went to their house, they found Jamison’s brother, Harry Bachman, with all wounds and blunts covering his head to toe.

The police pointed their hand towards Jamison Bachman and thus, arrested him. Conversely, the case didn’t reach court but still, Jamison spent his years in prison. Later, on 8th December 2017, he hanged himself in the prison cell.

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