Kandyse McClure Eyes Color: Did the Kaia Actress Wear Lenses in Virgin River?

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Kandyse McClure Eyes Color: Did the Kaia Actress Wear Lenses in Virgin River? blurred-reality.com

Kandyse McClure has hazel-colored eyes in real life as well. She didn’t wear any lenses to play the role of Kaia in Netflix’s Virgin River.

The fifth season of Netflix‘s Virgin River features a brand-new cast member who both saves the day and overturns Preacher‘s life. The cast is greatly benefited by the addition of Kandyse McClure, who gives life to the character of Kaia, a powerful and devoted fireman.

When we first meet Kaia, she works together with Mel and Cameron over a video conference to assist with the delivery of a woman’s baby who is in need of assistance because they are unable to go to the hospital. It’s an early indication of Kaia’s dedication to her work. She helps in putting out the Virgin River wildfire while also growing closer to Preacher… although she has the baggage of her ex-husband who is an injured fellow fireman.

On the other hand, we’ve found that many people observed the Kaia actress, Kandyse McClure, has pretty unique eyes. As a result, viewers wonder if it is real or if she wore eye lenses. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Kandyse McClure Has Had Hazel Eyes Since Her Birth!

Kandyse McClure‘s character, Kaia, has been a great addition to the new season of Virgin River. Apart from her storyline, viewers have been intrigued by Kaia’s eyes as they look very unique as well as attractive.

Many viewers wonder if the color of Kandyse’s eyes is the same in real life as in the Netflix series or if she wore eye lenses. Well, we confirm that she didn’t wear any lenses. Going through her Instagram posts, there is no doubt that she has always had hazel eyes, which are very attractive as well as rare. Now let’s know more about the actress.

Kandyse McClure was born with hazel-colored eyes. blurred-reality.comKandyse McClure was born with hazel-colored eyes.
Image Source: Instagram

Kandyse McClure (@kandysemcclure) is a South African-Canadian actress known for her many performances in both television and cinema. She began her acting career in the late 1990s and rose to prominence for her portrayal as Anastasia Dualla in the acclaimed television series, Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009).

She further established herself in the field because of her depiction of Dr. Clementine Chasseur in the Netflix series, Hemlock Grove. McClure has also performed in independent films and various television shows in addition to her well-known parts.

Additionally, Kandyse McClure has supported campaigns for animal rights and environmental protection outside of her acting profession as an advocate for social causes.

Know More About Kandyse McClure’s Character, Kaia, in Virgin River!

In Season 5, Episode 3, Kaia (Kandyse McClure) makes her first appearance in Virgin River when she comes across Fiona Nickerson, a pregnant patient of Mel‘s, by the side of the road in distress. Fiona wwas attempting to leave areas at risk from wildfires when she went into early labor, forcing Mel and Cameron to impromptu educate Kaia on how to give birth over FaceTime.

Kaia rejoined with the remainder of her team and mat Preacher, who was bringing sandwiches to the front-line wildfire fighters, after safely delivering the baby and administering life-saving CPR.

After engaging in some enjoyable small conversation, the two parted ways. However, they meet again in Episode 5. After Kaia sat on the bar and swung her feet over, the two had a shot of tequila and then held hands. The following morning, she and Preacher were both awake in what she delightfully describes as his “sex attic conveniently located above the bar.”

Kaia and Preacher start a romance in Season 5. blurred-reality.comKaia and Preacher start a romance in Season 5.
Image Source: Netflix

After multiple dramas with Paige, it appears Preacher has finally found a stable love interest in the show. We do not want to spoil it for you. Thus, visit Netflix to know how the season ends for them.

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