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Who Plays Rose on Virgin River Season 5? Meet Susan Hogan!

Sep 10, 2023 @ 5:36 EDT
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Susan Hogan plays the role of Rose on Virgin River Season 5. She is a Canadian actress who has been in the acting field for over 4 decades.

Susan Hogan plays the role of Rose on Virgin River Season 5. She is a Canadian actress who has been in the acting field for over 4 decades.

Virgin River, a drama series on Netflix created by Sue Tenney, follows the development of several relationships in a tiny town with a population of people who are very close to one another. Melinda "Mel" Monroe, a former nurse practitioner from Los Angeles who finds a fresh start in Virgin Rivier with the help of the town's bar owner, Jack Sheridan, is the series' central character at the beginning.

Nevertheless, the story progressively broadens to include a number of more characters. While some recognizable faces return, several new characters have been added to Season 5 of the show.

One of the characters who has caught the attention of the viewers the most is Rose. Viewers believe they are familiar with the actress' face. As a result, they wonder who plays the role of Rose. Well, we've got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Zibby Allen, Kandyse McClureCameron, and Muriel.

Actress Susan Hogan Plays the Role of Rose on Virgin River Season 5!

The actress who plays the role of Rose on Virgin River is Susan Hogan. Even though she just appeared in one episode of Season 5, viewers were quick to recognize her face.

Susan Hogan plays Rose in Virgin River. blurred-reality.comSusan Hogan plays Rose in Virgin River.
Image Source: IMDb

The Canadian actress, who was born in 1948, is currently 75 years old. She has been in the acting business for over 4 decades. Her most recognizable credits include The Brood (1979), Narrow Margin (1990), Disturbing Behavior (1998), and The Butterfly Effect (2006).

According to Wikipedia, Susan was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. After being cast as Abigail in The Crucible at her high school, she decided to make a profession out of acting. Beginning in 1966, she attended the National Theatre School of Canada. After receiving her degree, she started acting in plays in Toronto and at the Stratford Festival.

However, because of her blonde hair and green eyes, she was often cast in supporting roles until she made a name for herself as Stas in a 1978 production of Pam Gems' play, Dusa, Fish, Stas, and Vi.

For her work in John Murrell's Waiting for the Parade, the Rose actress was named one of the year's top actresses by theatre reviewer Bryan Johnson of The Globe and Mail in 1979.

No doubt, Susan has made important contributions to theater, film, and television during the course of her career. She had a recurring role in the popular Canadian TV series, The Beachcombers, which is also one of her most well-known roles. She was also well-known for playing Olivia Novak in the well-liked legal drama, Street Legal.

Hogan also appeared in the renowned Canadian drama series, North of 60, in which she portrayed Sarah Birkett. Although the foundation of her career has been on television, she has also dabbled in Canadian theater and film, demonstrating how versatile she is as an actress.

Rose Is Actually Doc’s Former Lover!

In season four, fans were shocked to meet Denny, Doc's grandson. Doc was informed that his ex-girlfriend Rose Miller had passed away and had no knowledge he had any children, much less a grandchild.

Denny is actually Doc and Rose's grandson. blurred-reality.comDenny is actually Doc and Rose's grandson.
Image Source: Netflix

Denny claimed that his grandma Rose had told him everything about Vernon, and he was curious to learn more. Rose broke up with Doc in college, and Doc later learned that she was still alive and had been pregnant. Ryan, the son Rose eventually gave birth to, was later Denny's father.

In season five, Doc tries to get in touch with Rose knowing she is still alive. He has several justifications for doing this since he is eager to fill in the gaps in his family's history.

Before leaving, find out about Cameron and Muriel's relationship.

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